bORDEL’s Mathilde Fernandez releases new single “Chanteuse de Guerre”

Los Angeles record company bORDEL RECORDS is proud to announce the latest single from Mathilde Fernandez, “Chanteuse de Guerre”, from her upcoming EP ‘Back In Las Vegas’.

“Chanteuse de Guerre”, was born from the desire to create a monster. In mixing lyrical poetry laced with sarcasm and the absurd, Fernandez portrays a political icon who seduces and reassures the masses to face the horrors of the world. At the same time, she feeds on drama and misery to enhance her rhetoric while giving the impression of endless commitment.

The accompanying music video was produced in the city of Nezahualcóyotl, one of the largest slums in the suburbs of Mexico. Fernandez collaborates with Los Cogelones, a musical quartet of brothers who mix traditional instruments, Aztec songs and English punk rock. They play as music teachers and coach the military band of primary school students. Throughout their teaching Los Cogelones with to instill upon the younger generation values of discipline and collective work worthy of the heritage of their Aztec ancestors. Fernandez integrates her young War Singer into all of this, feigning political speech in a choreographed and terrifying kind of child’s play.