Nipsey Hussle Tribute – New Video By Big Caz “Real1 In the Sky”

Big Caz “officially” arrived onto the music scene back at the turn of the century. His heralded solo debut, Thundadome [2000], although not a huge commercial success, was warmly embraced by fans and critics alike. Since then, the Ecuadorian and Caucasian mixed emcee, known for his signature raspy vocal tone, has consistently managed to release popular street albums.

After forming an alliance with Layzie Bone, Caz was quickly recruited to an executive level within the Mo Thugs Records’ empire, and in recent years has been working primarily behind the scenes much more-so than in the spotlight. However, that is all destined to soon change with the inception of his forthcoming star-studded collection.

Now in 2019, Big Caz is back with a tribute to Nipsy Hustle called “Real 1 in the sky”