New Video By David Haerle “Tell Your Story”

The subjects that can inspire a song run the gamut from love to hate, from the very personal to the nakedly public. Those subjects can create a piece of music that may teeter between raw and sophisticated. David Haerle pulls from every experience he’s had in his life, and sets those experiences to a shimmering California rock sound.

Surrounded by the blacktop, beaches and rugged mountains of Southern California, David was influenced by both rock music and his father’s love of country music, and he was inspired to pick up his first guitar at the age of 13. Haerle was at the start of a burgeoning career as a music agent at ICM, when his father died suddenly. This led him to take over the family business of CMH Label Group at the age of 24. Describing himself as a “late bloomer” regarding music, he began piecing together his debut album in middle age. As such, he has a sense of maturity and wisdom that is difficult to come by without some years of living under your belt.

Haerle states, “When I was young, I wanted to sound like my heroes. Now, I want to sound like myself.” This determination is what made the seven-year wait for his debut album, Garden of Edendale, worth it. His talented band of five seasoned musicians stands out, and they support his new single/music video “Tell Your Story” exceedingly well. His band consists of Alex Wand on rhythm guitar and backing vocals; Carson Cohen on bass; Luanne Homzy playing violin; Reade Pryor on the drums; and Jose Salazar handling percussion, co-production and mixing for the track.

“Tell Your Story” is a laid-back rock jam that’s filmed in an intimate studio session. Haerle’s musical influences can be heard, but of course through his own voice. While the band members play with energy and passion, Haerle’s lyrics reassure listeners that every individual has a life filled with unique problems, struggles, successes and lessons learned, which can offer hope and inspiration to others when shared. He reminds us not to compare our insides with other people’s outsides.

“Let’s tell our stories and it’ll help us through” Haerle sings, meaning an honest conversation not only has the potential to help others, but the potential to help ourselves as well. With heartfelt and truthful communication with one another, we don’t have to feel as alone as we once did.