How to Connect Digital Piano to a Computer, iPad, or Android Device

Most of the beginner pianist wants to connect their digital piano to an external device like their personal copter, iPad, iPhone or Android phones. But they are worried and get confused about how to do so. Today in this article you can clear out all of your confusions and can immediately connect your piano to your external personal device and play. So, let’s scroll down to know what you’ve got below.

Why Do You need to Connect Your Piano to External Sources?

The most common reason that you may want to connect your piano/keyboard to external devices like computer, laptop, iPad or an Android device, is to record your play for self-observation or for sharing to the social media. But you may know that, if you record your voices or performances on your digital piano, you will not get actual data or the actual sound as well.

However, recording with external devices will provide you some extra benefits and some advanced controls also. While your digital piano is connected with a MIDI or USB port to windows, mac or even in an android, the data is saved with SMF format which will allow you to do many advanced things that you couldn’t do with a simple audio recording from the digital piano’s built-in recording.

So what are the advantages then?

For instance, if you are playing or recording your piano with the right-hand part, you can slow down while practicing with the left hand. You can also modify/change the sound if you do not like the instrument much. If your piano is connected with a pc or mac, you can even do some edits on individual notes.

And the last but not least, the data or the audio saved in SMF format can be easily transferred to a pc, email or you can burn a CD directly. You will not need any dedicated recording software to do these.

So, How Do You Connect Your Digital Piano?

Beginners are always worried about their new piano playing guide. To smoothen your piano playing experience and recordings, a connection of external device can provide you extra control, quality, and joy. So, before start playing or recording your next play, learn about some connection that you can connect with your piano and then play it easily.

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However, you may know by now that you can connect your digital piano to a computer, laptop, mac, iPad or Android device. The only thing you need either a USB cable or a MIDI to USB cable. If your digital piano has a USB port then you will need a USB a to USB B cable and if the piano has MIDI ports, then you will need MIDI to USB cables.

Check the backside of your piano to get ensured which cable you are going to need.

There are little differences in connection with each device. You are now going to describe in details below for your easy understand.

Connect to Computer

Connecting the keyboard with your computer is a simple task if you have the right equipment. At first, you need to find out what kind of port your keyboard has. Because depending on that port you will need a corresponding cable.

Your keyboard either has a USB port or MIDI port. In case of USB port, you have to use USB A to B cable. Your keyboard may have two USB port, one is USB to the device and the other is USB to host. In this situation, you have to connect the USB B port to USB to host. Then plug the USB A port to your computer. You will be taken to the configuration to your keyboard where you have to select the model of your keyboard. If there are no option of the model but the cable name, select the cable name.

But if your keyboard has MIDI port you have to use MIDI to USB cable. There are two ports, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. You have to connect the MIDI IN port to MIDI OUT port on the keyboard and connect the MIDI OUT port of the cable to the MIDI IN port on the keyboard. And then connect the USB port to your computer.

In both cases, remember to turn on the power of your keyboard before you play.

Connect to iOS Device (iPad, iPhone)

Digital pianos only have DIN connector which is required to have a MIDI interface. Most of the MIDI controller keyboards need an external device to connect the piano and respond to the MIDI controller. The MIDI interface is distinctive for all the Apple devices. However, many companies make dedicated iOS interface cables for your iOS devices which support 30 pin connectors with MIDI in and MIDI out.

You will also find adaptor with lightning connector and third-party jack. With this adaptor, you can connect your digital piano to any iOS devices. With this connection, you will not need to install any special software to use your piano. Just plug into your iPad or iPhone and it is instantly ready to play your piano.

So, how to plug the piano to your iPad or iPhone?

USB Ports
First, you will need a USB A to USB B cable (this cable is also known as “printer cable”). Plug in the USB B into the USB port of your digital piano. Then plug the lightning adapter into the end of USB A and finally plug the other end of the adapter to your iPad or iPhone. Once the piano is connected to the iPad, it will show a popup and ready to use.

MIDI Ports
If your digital keyboard has MIDI ports then you will need a MIDI to USB cable. First, plug the MIDI IN into the MIDI Out port and MIDI OUT into the MIDI IN port of your piano. After that, just plug the USB A into the end of the USB to Lightning Adapter and you are all ready to play your piano.

Connect to Android Device

To play your digital piano with your android device you need an app first. You will find a lot of android apps that are available on the Google Play Store with which you can connect and play your piano. Most of the Android devices now have micro USB or USB type C port. To connect your digital piano to an android device, you need an adapter cable.

However, this connection depends on the type of connection pin availability.

In short:
If your digital piano has a USB host port, you will need a USB B to A cable to connect with your Android device.
If the piano has a MIDI port, you will need a MIDI to USB cable.
Connect MIDI end to the MIDI host port of your piano.
Now connect the other end of the connector, the USB a with the OTG USB A to Micro USB adapter. The adapter will be type C or micro USB depending on your Android device.
The micro USB end should be connected into your android device.

Now your digital piano is connected with your Android device and ready to play.