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Introducing > LYAM > debut ‘Intermission’ video > TTY affiliate > watch here

Intermission is the first single from enigmatic East London sound design artist and songwriter LYAM; also known as loveyouinthemorning.

Skope feature request – alté rising star AYLØ unveils new single ‘PARIS’

Introducing exciting genre fluid artist and producer AYLØ. The fast-rising rapper, singer, songwriter and beatsmith is one of the seminal Nigerian creatives, alongside the likes of Odunsi The Engine and Santi, who are pioneering the seminal and innovative fusion sound coming out of Africa, popularly known as alté, which is currently making waves, disrupting the sound and culture on the continent, and quickly gaining traction and attention internationally.

Agent Orange delivers driving remix of Josh Wink classic ‘Don’t Laugh’

New York-born DJ and producer Agent Orange has remixed the Josh Wink classic ‘Don’t Laugh’, out on 14th June via Nervous Records.

THE INFERATE – release New Single ‘Believe’

Believe is the single track and advance of the first EP from The Inferate, that will be released this year 2019. Musically this is a song that for some will have similarity with the classic album Keepers Of The Seven Keys from Helloween of the 90s. Believe was written at the end of the year 2018 with its production made in the month of December 2018.

Grace Gillespie shares warped pop ballad ‘My Love Surreal’

Grace Gillespie follows the infectious ‘I’m Your Man’ with the off-kilter pop track ‘My Love Surreal’, from her debut EP ‘Pretending’.

It’s South London based Grace’s exploration into solo psych-pop material after touring as part of Pixx’s live line up, supporting names such as Nilüfer Yanya, Cosmo Pyke and Trudy and The Romance.


F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). The album represents overcoming anxiety and depression on the path towards the authenticity of oneself with music that bangs and sways – it’s impossible not to dance to despite the lyrics addressing heavy, emotional subject matter. Aye has a way of interpolating serious themes into infectious pop music, a skillset that is akin to his waking life. Having become an orphan at 15 (Orphan being the name of his debut LP) due to the passing of his mother from cancer and never knowing his father, overcoming grief, depression and anxiety Aaron is a man who inserts positivity into the darkest of situations while remaining tethered to the events that have made him. Listen to the album up top.

Whiskey Myers Release “Die Rockin'” Ahead of Self-Titled Album Set for September 27

“This was the first album we’ve produced on our own and it’s 100% authentically us, which is why we decided to self-title it WHISKEY MYERS,” lead guitarist John Jeffers shared with Rolling Stone. “We’ve been fortunate in our careers to work with some incredible producers in the past, however self-producing gave us the freedom to try every crazy idea in the studio, which got us to this place where we are completely satisfied with the end result and more excited than ever to get this new music out to our fans.”

Whiskey Myers Preview Upcoming Album With Tough New Song ‘Die Rockin”

Monsta X Drops “Who Do U Love?” Ft. French Montana

After teasing its impending arrival, K-pop supergroup and worldwide phenomenon, Monsta X, unveil their brand new single “WHO DO U LOVE?” [feat. French Montana] today. Billboard calling it “An alt-R&B song, “Who Do U Love?” demands to be danced to as it is driven by a blend of sleek bass, snappy beats, and shimmering synths that create an addicting, groovy melody propelled by a rhythmic choral hook. The display of sultry smooth vocals, including a display of harmonized falsetto, from members of the South Korean septet contrast with the rap bridge featuring French Montana.”

Hazel Bloom Releases New EP “Spaces Between Words on a Page”

Boston-based alternative pop artist Hazel Bloom is back with an energetic new EP, “Spaces Between Words on a Page,” out on all digital platforms NOW. After gaining prominence on Spotify with his two singles “I Loved You, Once” and “Nobody’s Nothing,” Hazel Bloom continued to expand his artistry through the creation of “Space Between Words on a Page,” layering pop melodies and R&B beats to create an infectious collection. Dave Carlin, the singer/songwriter behind Hazel Bloom, impresses on all 5 of the EP’s tracks; he is insightful, creative, and incredibly skilled. About the EP, Hazel Bloom states:

I recorded this EP over the course of the past year. A lot of growth and passion were put into these songs. A lot of time, effort and heart was poured into this release and I’m so excited to release this to the world. This EP is about past heartbreaks, learning to accept yourself, growing into your own skin, dreams, and passion. These are my real feelings portrayed through every line in each song. I hope that people can connect with the emotions of these songs as much as I do.


One is a legend responsible for smashing boundaries in electronic music, the other has set and broken records for women in the music industry. Together, KASKADE and MEGHAN TRAINOR make magic on “WITH YOU” (via Sony Music Columbia). Speaking of the song , KASKADE says “MEGHAN TRAINOR had the same effect on me as she did on the greater part of the human population when she came into the music scene. Her voice is infectious and distinctive and the soul behind that voice is an absolute authentic force-of-nature. When the opportunity came to work with her it was an easy yes for me. I knew we could put something together that would be fun, meaningful and above all, sticky enough that people can’t help but sing it after one listen. “With You” was a pleasure to put together with MEGHAN, and I can’t wait for everyone to start singing along.” Of the collaboration MEGHAN says, “It was a dream come true to work with KASKADE! He’s a legend and I truly love this song we did together!”\\

Another Sky Releases ‘Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds’ EP

Today UK band Another Sky release their Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds EP on Missing Piece Records / Fiction. After releasing their debut EP Forget Yourself just over a year ago, the band earned raves and the momentum propelled them to a spot on Later With Jools Holland.


Chicago-based singer, rapper, director and artist Jean Deaux today has released her new EP Empathy (Empire), announced last Friday with first single “Anytime” ft. Kehlani. This song marks the second time the two artists and friends have collaborated – Deaux is credited as a co-writer on Kehlani’s hit song “Honey”. Empathy is the first of two new EPs slated to be released this year. Deaux has made a name for herself in her hometown of Chicago and beyond with a string of viral hits including, “Wikipedia” and “Energy” and 2018’s critically hailed Krash EP.

DOMINATION INC. Releases New Single and Video!

Athens, Greece, based Thrash Metal Commando Domination Inc. have released the first new single and video today. The song “The Sickening” is taken from the forthcoming album “Memoir 414.”