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R.W. Roldan New Single / Video ‘The Color Of’

In a world of Taylor Swift and her ilk, long graduating from the Country genre into the more profitable pop domain, it’s really nice to see genuine folk, acoustic, and poetic Country music being made. Hopefully, fans will take note of those operating in bars, churches, and (God help us) coffee shops.

One such artist is R.W. Roldan and his song “The Color Of” with the accompanying music video. The lyrics are, well, lyrical. The song is linear and (thankfully) very traditional in many ways, perhaps most so, the low, slightly distorted guitar solo in the middle of the track. The song in and of itself does have a political bent with the lines “What makes the color of man’s skin a capital crime?” plus the narrative that goes along with it in the verses. But, the point of the song is somewhat more nuanced than a simple white-bad/other-good dichotomy and it really should be explored. – currentmusicthoughts.blogspot.com

Z Money Lords Over His Drug-Fueled Empire in “Ah Sh!t” Video

Z Money makes down-and-dirty trap music, dedicated to unearthing the nitty-gritty of hustling and the glory of its rewards. Reveling in his wealth and ignoring the consequences, Z Money shows us the life of a Don in “Ah Sh*t!,” his latest video. A supremely slinky, 86-second ChaseTheMoney-produced slapper, “Ah Shit” finds Z Money rapping doubletime atop Eastern-influenced flutes, offering a stern warning against those who aren’t ready for the Boss life: “And this the type of game, you gotta stay consistent/And this the type of chain, you touch, you gon’ be missin’ Christmas.” In the video, Z Money lords over his kingdom, rhyming in his mansion, surrounded by models who can’t get enough of his product. “Ah Shit!” is the latest video from Z Money’s recent Shawty Paid, following the kaleidoscopic “Shawty Paid Intro” and the glitzy “Wealthy”

Listen to Catacomb Saints’ new hypnotizing post-punk ballad “Bankquilizer” via Spill Magazine

Regarding the song, the band stated “”Bankquilizer” is a hypnotizing post-punk ballad of greed and violence, sung in a visceral style inspired by Nick Cave and the falsetto of Klaus Nomi. This song is a call to arms to rise up and not be tranquilized by banks and good ol’ boys. We recorded this long distance between LA and Edmonton, but that distance pales in comparison with the distance between the oppressor and the oppressed.”


Taken By Canadians – ‘Magdalene’

New single ‘Magdalene’ from Taken By Canadians that came out this weekend.

Luke Hogan // new single (indie folk)

“Carpentry is a second passion of mine,” the Portland, Oregon-based artist shares. “It has proven to be a great skill to make connections with. When I made this record, I didn’t have to worry about how much it was going to cost; I could really take my time and explore different arrangements for each song.”

PASTEL GHOST releases new album ‘Ethereality’

While critics may struggle to define PASTEL GHOST’s music with tidy descriptors like witch-rave or blog-house, it’s evident that PASTEL GHOST is creating sounds that take flight beyond any genre boundaries. On her debut album ABYSS, the Austin-based artist laces elements of dream-pop, post-punk, and electronica to create sounds that can only be described as otherworldly. Ethereal vocals glide over chilly synth hooks and
thumping drum beats, creating tracks so infectious, they can lure even the most brooding shoegazers onto the dance floor. By tying her love of hazy, anime visuals to her sound, her songs have an instant cinematic feel to them — each track evokes dreamy imagery that is a significant component to PASTEL GHOST.

Billboard Artist FLAVIA // Feature for NEW SINGLE

Having premiered on Billboard and with her music video Til I Die receiving half a million views in the first month, FLAVIA is ready to drop her new single, DAMN LIFE IS GOOD! This bop is a feel good, Summer anthem all about celebrating friendships and the people you love and making memories that will last a lifetime.


Following on from her national For Your Love single tour in April, Montaigne has today released her new single Ready, and confirmed details of her forthcoming LP and national tour.

Ready is undoubtedly Montaigne’s most anthemic single to date, and is lifted from her soon to be released second album entitled Complex, the follow up to her ARIA Award winning, Top 5 debut album, Glorious Heights. Complex is set for release on August 30 and is available to preorder now, with all preorders scoring a bonus illustrated poster. There will also be a spectacular limited edition red vinyl of Complex available to preorder, along with CD/vinyl bundles with an environmentally friendly tote bag included.

REZZ releases new single ‘Falling’ featuring Underoath

After performing the song to enthusiastic fan reception at her recent live shows, REZZ today releases her new single “Falling” featuring UNDERØATH’s Aaron Gillespie. The accompanying video offers its viewers the chance to escape their own reality through Aaron’s donning of a VR headset. A nod to the inherent value in viewing the world from another’s perspective and experiences, “Falling” also parallels the VR worlds that will accompany each song on REZZ’s ‘Beyond The Senses’.

The LaFontaines share explosive new single ‘Body’

Opening to a swaggering bassline, the track builds through verses driven by the expressive rap flow of frontman Kerr Okan into an anthemic combination of infectious vocals and explosive instrumentation, punctuated by huge, arena-sized choruses. To coincide with the release, the band have shared a stunning one take video, filmed at Park Lane Studios.

LIFE announce highly anticipated new album ‘A Picture Of Good Health’

Following the release of their recent single ‘Moral Fibre’, which was B-listed on BBC 6 Music, rotated heavily on international radio and earned plaudits from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio X, NME Radio, DIY, Dork, CLASH, Louder than War, Gigwise and more, Hull outfit LIFE have now announced details of their highly anticipated second album ‘A Picture Of Good Health’. Alongside the announcement the band have also shared a new single taken from the record called ‘Hollow Thing’.

Erin Durant Shares fourth single ‘Rising Sun’ from Forthcoming Album ‘Islands’

The fourth and final single from Erin Durant’s forthcoming ‘Islands,’ ‘Rising Sun’ is its raison d’etre, the grand statement that leads you by the hand into her sprawling, sun-dappled archipelago. Over a gently strolling guitar and muted toms, Durant sings ‘I’m going far, I’m going wide’, signalling her intention to embed you within her travelling time machine. A lesson in sophistication, ‘Rising Sun’ fuses strung-out trumpets with Durant’s balm-like voice. ‘Rising Sun’ is like the lavender you spread on your pillow to induce sleep. Lie with it, doze off and dream of magical lands.

Rising LGBTQ Alt-Pop Artist PRIME Returns with Self-Titled EP

New York based producer, singer-songwriter and composer PRIME returns with the release of his debut EP ‘PRIME’ May 24th, reflecting his eclectic taste by blending influences from Pop, R&B, EDM and Rock.