New Video from Cherokee “Goddess”

Just A Brooklyn Girl is a very modest way of describing Neo-Soul sorceress Cherokee, but that’s how she’s titled her new release, a divine collection of sonorous-vocals, sweetly melodic storytelling, and hooked-filled art-R&B that brings her beauty and power back into the ears and before the eyes of perfervid new urban music fans. The bohemian, feminist heroine was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, but this world class model and mother’s music belongs to the world.

Led by empowering first single “Goddess” her voice weaves sumptuous and detailed imagery through dazzling timeless discotheque riffs and invitations to after-hours spiritual delights. This is the sweetness, the candid, not afraid to be coarse but always classy kind of anthem that gets people grinding and reaching for the skies on the dance floor. As Cherokee says, “It’s all about life and outer space.”