Anna of the North is a home wrecker with a sweet tooth in new video, “Thank Me Later”

‘Thank Me Later’ is yet another tantalizing addition to an enthralling new chapter of Anna of the North. A powerful follow-up to her defiantly raw singles ‘Leaning On Myself, and it’s equally powerful follow up ‘Used To Be’, ‘Thank Me Later’ is Anna of the North in full control. It’s daydream pop brimming with the bold outlook of a woman taking charge in the modern age.

Asking Anna about ‘Thank Me Later,’ she remarks: “I’m super excited about this song. It’s the first song I wrote towards this next record. There are so many songs where girls get objectified and controlled by the powerful and rich front man, made out to be all sexy and cute. I’m a front woman and this is a chance for me to get my own back. As well as to remind the guys that it’s not all about the money and that they can be sexy and cute too.”