Generationals Share “Breaking Your Silence” Video

Today, Generationals have shared their new single “Breaking Your Silence”, as well as the track’s music video. They have also announced that their upcoming US tour dates will be supported by Pure Bathing Culture, Gemma and Neighbor Lady. Full list of dates below.

When talking about the “Breaking Your Silence” video vocalist/guitarist Grant Widmer says, “I dreamt of a day when we could make our music and blast it into the vast wilderness, void of people and their pettiness and fighting. So we made a video with this in mind, as a love letter to our true, pure audience: horses and trees. ”

Director Spencer Kelly adds, “When the Generationals team came to me with the concept of the piece, I knew there was loads of potential to explore the various levels to it. It’s a music video within a music video in a way. So my main goal was finding the proper balance of telling two stories within one frame. Placing the ad truck in the countryside was intriguing enough on its own, but it was finding little ways to bring the world around it alive that was the fun part.”