‘Sex Magic’ inspired musician LONDYN to drop new single

Los Angeles born singer-songwriter LONDYN infuses pop sounds with modern concepts and esoteric lyricism to create a new-age of music. Levitation is a follow-up to her Parisian #1 Love Me Harder & a precursor to her debut Dream Spell EP, which will be released in conjunction with a live streaming concert series with Amazon & Bands in Town to approximately 100 million viewers worldwide.

The inspiration for Levitation came from LONDYN’s desire to bridge the worlds of sacred sensuality and sex magic as historically practiced in the temples of ancient Egypt by the high priestesses. It was a practice that enabled them to tap into greater abilities and higher states of consciousness. Levitation was written by LONDYN, Monroe, Nick Nittoli & Day who also produced the song.

“I wanted to create a song that gives life to sensual energy in a way that can awaken others to dive more deeply into their own empowered expression. In the wake of the ‘me too’ movement and the rise of feminine equality, I’ve noticed that it’s one thing to be able to speak our truths, and another to fully and safely be able to regain the embodiment of our sexuality in an empowering way. As someone who has formerly experienced sexual misconduct, violence and how difficult it can be to navigate self worth, self confidence and creative expression, let alone sexual freedom again after experiencing that kind of mistreatment, I want to use my music to create a narrative about reclaiming our personal power. I believe sexuality and creativity are directly correlated and the sacredness we cultivate through intentional intimacy is incredibly important.” LONDYN

S – https://soundcloud.com/londynmusic/levitation-2/s-UWxaT