Deep C Divers Release New Single “My Luv”

Deep C Divers’ “My Luv” is a mid-tempo love song. It’s a song of appreciation, and one that is thankful for person that lifts him up when he’s feeling down.

The track begins with a chiming electric guitar part, which is followed shortly by a thumping bass line. This “love” lifts him from the underground. Lifts him when he’s broken down. It lifts him to a higher ground and gives him hope.

He ultimately becomes someone new and his dreams come true with this significant other. The song doesn’t follow any linier story. Instead, it’s comprised of a series of statements that attempt to express how the singer feels.

Yes, this song is truthful and meaningful to the singer. However, it’s also a wee bit impersonal, too. The singer doesn’t say anything about this other person that makes the other person stand out. It could as easily be about a set of principles, as it is about a real person. If there wasn’t the line about looking into that other person’s eyes, it’s possible to misconstrue this song for something sung to a god or guru, instead.

If it is about a woman, and most likely it is, the song is just not very romantic. It’s almost as though the singer is attributing values from a self-help book to this object of affection. Of course, we want those we describe as our ‘luv’ to bring us positivity. Certainly, one wouldn’t want a romantic partner that only brought negativity to a relationship. But where are the descriptions of physical beauty? Why aren’t there lines about the buzz that comes from human physical contact? As a love song, this track is missing key elements.

I must ask myself: If somebody was singing this song to me, how would I feel? Yes, I’d feel appreciated, but in a dry, studious way, rather than a warm, romantic manner.

Then again, maybe this other romantic partner is not exactly the romantic type. Perhaps, these sorts of entreaties are far more pleasing than typical ‘moon in June and roses are red’ lyrics to this particular individual.

Sonically, this song sounds a little bit like a U2 recording, back from their Joshua Tree era. The guitar part sounds a little like The Edge’s bell tones, while the bass line has an Adam Clayton-esque sturdiness. It’s only the track’s vocal, which – while prettily sung – does not reach Bono-like heavenly tonality. Then again, Bono is one of a kind. Nobody sounds much like him, and few are even close to as good. The song’s electric guitar solo is more Eric Clapton smooth, than The Edge’s passionate.

“My Luv” is an unusual love song. Chances are good, it won’t be chosen much as the first dance song at many weddings. It might, however, sound perfect for the wedding of two computer programmers. Usually, music critics fall all over themselves whenever they hear songs that are out of the ordinary, like this one. Nevertheless, music critics have hearts, too, believe it or not, and this song just doesn’t ever quite make it to the heart. In the end, it reaches for a different approach to writing a love song and succeeds at that. And for that unlikely accomplishment, it deserves kudos.

-Dan MacIntosh