Bridal Party New Single Out Now ‘Too Much’


“Every time I catch the flu / I dream of how many pounds I might lose” sings a sultry, angelic female vocal from the other side of our stereo speakers in the intro to “Too Much,” Bridal Party’s latest single and the first to be cut from their forthcoming record of the same title (which is due out this coming August everywhere that indie pop is sold and streamed). At first, this vixen-voiced verse is the most captivating element within our reach, but as the sonic undertow of the song starts to take hold, it becomes quite obvious just how elaborate a track Bridal Party have produced in this most recent studio effort. There’s a sense of mischief in the air that will only grow stronger as we descend deeper into the first stanza, but there’s nothing to stop us from becoming entrapped in the music’s cutting clutches.

The instrumental side of “Too Much” is produced with a top notch-ear for detail, and I’ll say that while I’ve come to expect a lot out of Bridal Party’s in-house recording, they’ve outdone themselves with this latest addition to what is an already sterling discography of music. The grind of the crisp, chirpy electric guitars is conveying just as much of the raw emotion here as the lyrics are, if not a little more so, and thanks to this well-defined mix and rebelliously anti-excess style of equalization, we’re able to appreciate every subtle intricacy for everything that they’re individually worth. The band exploits their skillset without hesitation here, and subsequently wins a lot of critical respect from devout indie buffs as a result.


These lyrics are a bit enigmatic compared to what I would normally go for in a new pop song, but they’re not so reliant on self-righteous riddles as to become inaccessible to more casual music fans. They’re delivered unto us with a soft, delicate crooning that resembles the fragility of the guitars lining the backdrop with surreal space jamming, and even at their most experimental and unapologetically eccentric, they never fall apart into a tizzy of mindless nattering – something that I’ve witnessed first-hand a startling number of times among Bridal Party’s American peers in 2019. This band has developed an excellent formula for making swanky indie pop, and if I were them, I wouldn’t change a thing about it as they embark on the next chapter of their career together.


I only recently became aware of Bridal Party, but you had better believe that I cannot wait to hear more music in the style of “Too Much” this August. This Vancouver indie unit has a lot of panache in their mild melodic anthems, and if this single is a fair representation of what constitutes the identity of their group, then I’m certain that they won’t remain an underground obscurity for very long. There’s a lot of white noise occupying the mainstream limelight at the moment, but with a sound as sharp as theirs is, you could definitely say that Bridal Party have the right stuff to make a play for stardom this summer. This is one heck of a bold statement, and it has my full stamp of approval as a music journalist.



Gwen Waggoner