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Nate Mercereau debuts “Joy Techniques” video, debut album out July 12

Mercereau tells Flaunt, “My album is titled Joy Techniques because it explores the idea of going as far as manufacturing positivity when you have to. Making and performing this record is an intentional creation of that space. I wanted the visuals for the album to expand upon this idea through the lens of different directors with each video exploring a different take on what it means to be intentional about your own joy. For the ‘Joy Techniques’ video, Miko Revereza and I found it in the bursting vibrancy of spring in Los Angeles after a particularly wet winter. Shot on 16 mm film with a Bolex over the course of a sunny spring day in Elysian Park, Miko truly captures the ecstatic sizzle of this song in his visuals. The way he films is similar to how I record as well—first takes, following the inspiration, intuition over technique.”

Ada Lea Debuts “mercury” Video via The FADER Feature

To Levy—who is also a painter—music and visual art are different vessels for communicating similar ideas. “It’s a world that I can build around me and sit inside,” she says. Through all her art, Levy explores the concept of womanhood as it feels and looks to her, as well as love and how it transforms over time. She doesn’t shy away from exploring uncomfortable and painful emotions, either. With the brightness of love, strength, and hope contrasted with the darkness of loss, suffering, isolation, and abandonment, the Ada Lea album what we say in private is a varied and vivid record that constantly seems to shift in the light, bringing together all the intricate influences she’s collected over the years.

AURIN Release Official Music Video for “Pause Rewind Repeat”

New Jersey based Hard Rock Band AURIN has released the official music video for their emotionally charged, new single, “Pause Rewind Repeat,” off of their upcoming third album, Serotonin.

The band has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help facilitate the production and release of Serotonin.

Smokepurpp Hosts a Raucous Bunker Party in the “Walk On Water” Video

Bringing a chaotic energy into any room he enters, Smokepurpp isn’t too hard to throw down on the dance floor. Showing off some of his most animated moves, Purpp shares the video for “Walk On Water.” Riding a hyperactive beat, marked by horror-movie pianos and clattering hi-hats, Purpp flashes several different flows and reels off a few tweet-worthy witticisms. In the video, Purpp and his friends retreat into a windowless bunker, but the dreary location doesn’t stop them from losing their minds–Purpp totes guns, enjoys the company of models, and dances his ass off. “Walk On Water” is a highlight from Lost Planet 2.0, an expansion of his recent Lost Planet EP, and it follows the otherworldly video for “Repeat”. Featuring appearances from Lil Pump, Gunna, and NLE Choppa, Lost Planet 2.0 arrives via Alamo/Interscope.

Galactic Protector Takes Listeners For a Walk in the “Liseran Sand”

Accomplished musician / producer Bryan Richie, bassist for American rock band The Sword, has announced a new solo project under the pseudonym Galactic Protector. Overflowing with bright, synthesizer melodies and blissful, melancholic IDM, the 15 track effort plays out like electronic dream pop songs, hovering between ambient introspection and more active synth pop and post-rock elements. Galactic Protector’s debut LP, ‘Evening’, will see a June 28 release via UK boutique label Burning Witches Records (Daniel Davies, Deadly Avenger).

The Late Ones Drop New Single “Tell Me Not”!

Born in Gardena, California and based out of Laie, Hawaii, The Late Ones harness something undeniably special. Brothers Tui Avei (Lead vocals), and Tau Avei (Vocals), along with cousin Josh Brunson (Vocals), are the voices of the group. Rooted in Samoan culture, and complemented by the group’s African American heritage, the familial bond between the three members transcends throughout the group’s conscious lyrics and catchy melodies. The name “The Late Ones” pays tribute to all of the late, great revolutionaries who have come and gone like Bob Marley, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Biko, and John Lennon, just to name a few. It is the fusion of each revolutionary story, struggle, and message that inspires and resonates with The Late Ones’ own story, struggle, and love for all genres of music. That is the “L81Z” sound.

New Artist Cleo Alexandra’s New Single Release ‘I’ll Explain Later’

Written and recorded over a period described by Cleo as ‘brutally eye-opening’ and ‘unforgivingly raw’, ‘I’ll Explain Later’ Cleo has stated that it is her most personal song to date. Lost amidst the maze of trees the accompanying music video navigates through the forest as Cleo attempts to make sense of her mind.

Ocean Alley share dreamy new single and video “Infinity”

“Infinity”, the dreamy new single and video from Australia’s Ocean Alley, which premiered earlier today on Billboard. Delving deeper into Ocean Alley’s sonic exploration and experimentation, “Infinity” picks up where their last single “Stained Glass” left off – layering swirling organs with shimmering guitar tones and synth sounds, intricately interwoven to transport the listener into an atmospheric, dream-like world.

World’s Top Cannabis CEO Launches Game-Changing Venture

As the founder of Advanced Nutrients, the #1 cannabis company in the world, BigMike’s signature ‘work hard, play hard’ persona has not only earned him millions of dollars, but millions of followers as well, skyrocketing the cannabis mogul to full-blown social media fame with over 2.8 million Instagram followers. In his 34 years working in cannabis, an inherent savvy allowed BigMike to navigate this particularly treacherous industry, from his humble beginnings running a small grow in Canada, to building the most lucrative cannabis brand in the world.

BigMike is now expanding his cannabis empire with “BigMike Blends Pre Rolls” that are scientifically made up of multiple strains blended together to deliver one specific and consistent outcomes including relieving stress, enhancing creativity, pain relief, morning motivation and more. BigMike is available to comment on cannabinoid research, CBD industry, common pot growing myths and misconceptions, and the future of cannabis cultivation, extraction, lab testing, packaging and delivery.


Hip-Hop may still dominate the current Billboard Charts, but every now and again we are introduced to a R&B artist who has the perfect tone, style, and groove that becomes the promise of stardom. KEITH JACOBS is that artist. His current single, “Saucy” from his forthcoming still untitled disc, due October 18th is already creating national attention with becoming “that song” at your favorite radio station. KEITH offers a throwback style of music which has been missing from the airwaves as of late.

Junro’s Sophomore Release ‘From Hell’ Out Now

Southern New England modern rock band Junro embraces the elements of progressive rock, metal and 90’s alternative, delivering a complex, yet accessible sound.

The foundation of Junro’s unique, yet melodic tonal disposition is derived from the varying musical experiences and backgrounds of each of the members.

Junro released their first EP, ‘Throwing Stones’ in 2017 and they’ve just followed that up with their sophomore album, ‘From Hell’ which was mixed by Travis Hill from The Looking Glass Recording (guitar player for the band Microwave).

Hey, ICYMI- Brooklyn Rapper SIIMBA SELASSIIE Releases Music Video “BES’MAM”

Up next for SIIMBA, an artist NPR describes as “sportive yet serious, playing equal parts esoteric and quizzical,” he will be gearing up for the release of new sonic series VIICES coming June 2019.