Oh My My offers voyeuristic visual for Sam Phay-featuring single ‘Leave You At The Bottom’

Currently sitting in Spotify’s Viral 50 in Australia with his dark, unsettling and emotive new single ‘Leave You At The Bottom’, multi-talented Sydney artist Oh My My follows it today with an equally ominous music video.

As intricately executed as the song itself, the video is an intriguing watch – not quite breaking the fourth wall but certainly offering something of a voyeuristic peek for the viewer.

“Basically, we wanted to tap into that temporary vibe and that the idea of something (a relationship) can be looked at by the beholder as sometimes better than what it really is.” explain directors Bradley Murnane and Rick Varnsen. “That it’s a construct. Like a music video that plays with the idea of being real, when it’s really something constructed.”