ESS SEE Embraces Vulnerability With Her New Single “Slip Slide”

ESS SEE embraces vulnerability with her new single “Slip Slide,” which made it onto new music Friday last week, out now.

A song about humility, accepting your failures, and becoming self aware, “Slip Slide” is the celebration and resolution of the ups and downs of life, and about accepting the humanity of existence – to let yourself overcome the reality of uncertainty.

Of the single, ESS SEE states, “It’s really easy to feel inadequate, not good enough, not talented enough, too late to the game. But the truth is, it’s never too late. And I will fail.

And I will succeed. This song is my pep talk – a promise to myself to keep moving forward and to not let my past or my fears get the best of me, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.”