Memorial Day edition – @skopemag news for may 27, 2019 @ 2 pm est

Music & Art Collide with Drawing Music’s Lovesick Bombs Project

Drawing Music, a unique art and music series that brings together a collection of visual artists and high spirited rock n roll musicians, continues with its next installment “Breakfast of Champions” on May 23.

“Breakfast of Champions” is an early morning apology note to ones significant other. An attempt to patch things up after a night of drinking too much and saying all the wrong things. The partner in the dog house hopes that maybe the thing that caused the problem could also help be the solution. So a plea is made to have a “Breakfast of Champions” (booze brunch) together in order to have some laughs and get over last night’s train wreck behavior.

“Chaotic and Carefree, Simply Stunning” stop.drop.rewind Returns with Mature Single

“Our latest single, “Floating Stone,” is out and already gaining praise for its mature take on our signature sound. It’s a slow-burner; the music and lyrics reflect the ups-and-downs and perseverance required for a life in bands. This is personal territory for us- DJ, the guitar player/lyricist, and I taught ourselves to play together and have been making music for almost 20 years.”

Liam Duncan – ‘Can’t Stop Calling You Baby’

“I’m obsessed with crafting songs, writing lyrics, being honest, and making music that punches you in the gut.”

For Skope: Maximals & PØP CULTUR’s progressive “All Of Me”. Out on Nicky Romero’s Protocol

One of their previous releases “Fall In Line” ft. Nino Lucarelli was featured in Ultra Miami 2017 Aftermovie. The talented producers also officially remixed Nicky Romero & David Guetta’s “Ring The Alarm.”