Gary Burk III is a native of Western Pennsylvania and has started his musical career since he was nine; following an encounter he had while riding along with his father to their family camp. The experience affected Gary in a way that changed his life forever. Gary draws inspirations from people like Alabama, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan; he considers himself a country singer with a touch of both old Rock N’ Roll Twist and Southern Rock.

Friday Night is Gary Burk’s recent single, and it’s a song for Friday night partiers. The song is a piece of music about the Friday night lifestyle of a musician; it begins with a grinding mid-scooped riff that’s fun, direct and catchy introducing the country element when the vocals start.

Gary Burk put into words the typical events of a small town party with his singles ‘Friday night’; introducing wacky crazy characters that usually are the life of every party – the song transcends into a powerful chorus with a mid-tempo that gets to you like a charm. Gary’s vocal is quite strong with a bit of swag to it – making the song fun and easy to enjoy.

One of the factors that make this track very good is Gary’s ability to bring characters that you don’t know by names but know by type or have met at a party into the song; allowing you know Burk’s kind of party is quite like your kind of party. The song has a party-like feel to it that would bring life and fun to any party.

Friday night is a blend of Rock and Country with a flavor of Rock N’ Roll; a rock party is incomplete without a guitar solo which Burk delivered in a laid-back manner that keeps the groove high all through the night. Friday night is a track that’s solid and quite enjoyable for lovers of Gary Burk.

The production and mastering also ensures that all the elements come together in a wonderful, seamless manner to produce a silky sound that is memorable. “Friday Night” is getting a lot of airplay and it is easy to see why. It is a totally lovable song that gets you nodding in no time.