Kansas based brothers Big Time Grain new single “Sunday Morning”

An expressive, emotionally charged look at domestic life emerges on Big Time Grain Company’s “Sunday Morning”. The track’s highly detailed articulate storytelling unfurls in such a careful patient way. Vocals have a reassuring aura to them with the deep register possessing such a soothing quality while the rest of the piece supports this with a stately majestic riff. Nor is a moment wasted for the graceful guitar work helps to give the piece a large, cinematic sweep at times. By opting for this tenor everything about it feels large. During certain moments the tenderness that runs through it recalls the thoughtful western style of early Magnetic Fields.

Stream – https://www.bigtimegrain.com/music

The song starts up immediately diving headfirst into the thick of things. From there a portrait emerges, one that shows the joys of family life. Delivered with the utmost of care, the piece shifts over to the sort of work required to keep going, to keep on making it successful. A family is not an easy thing at all times yet there is a romantic aspect to it all. Keeping the arrangement down to the essentials the crystal clarity of the piece reverberates strongly. Over the course of the song Big Time Grain Company proves to be a patient band, letting everything buildup and grow in a gorgeous fashion before it simply fades out with the consistent yet expressive beat.

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHswbQu26kA

Big Time Grain Company sculpts a glimpse of a life lived mostly fully on the powerful “Sunday Morning”.