Brady Novotny is a child prodigy who started his music career very early in life. Learning how to play the guitar from a young age meant that he displays a high level of creativity that is unmatched by many of today’s artists. You can tell from his musical compositions that he is indeed a special one.

“Redemption’s Cry” is a delicious ballad that features a mesmerizing vocal performance by his wife, Jennifer. It is from his recently released LP “Passions Collide”. From the first listen, you can fell the strings and bass guitars of the classic rock sound. While this is a song with powerful Christian vibes, you can also have a great time listening to it. From the beginning to the end, you can hear the pop sounds as well as the classic rock feeling. The lyrics are also well-crafted to pass along the message of salvation to the audience. “Redemption’s Cry” is powerful and tells about today’s turbulent times and how there is a way of salvation available to men.

The instrumentals are striking and balance out the emotive lyrics. The guitars, drums and keyboard all work together to pass along the beautiful message that Brady is trying to share. Brady Novotny is highly influenced by a lot of musical styles and this is quite obvious in his music. From 8ps music, to flamenco, jazz and oven rock, Brady is a connoisseur of music and with each minute you hear “Redemption’s Cry”, you can hear how all the experiences come together to create a perfect fusion of melody and sound. Every line is emotive and deliberate, letting the listening think about what is being said without being lulled into an overly serious state.

One thing you can be sure of when listening to Brady Novotny’s songs is the quality of the production. The mastering and arrangement are spot on and go a long way to enhance all the best qualities of the song. The stereo sounds supreme and immersive, reminiscent of great rock artistes. It is indeed refreshing to see such a beautiful voice and excellent lyrics in a song that everyone can enjoy. It is also delightful to see “Redemption’s Cry” enjoying so much airplay all around the country. This is further validation that Brady Novotny has what it takes to be a legitimate national star sooner rather than later.