Love Stallion New Single ‘Valentine’

Be courageous. Be Honest. Be Compassionate. Most importantly be yourself. This has to be Love Stallion’s mantra; their unique passion and drive exudes vividly in the band’s latest single, “Valentine.”

A guitar driven feel good track, drenched in classic rock tones; from the beautifully melodic vocal presence to the energetic drum cadence which is only enhanced by the energetic style the band relays over the strong instrumentation.

Whether intentional or unintentional the track is incredibly nostalgic, it’s like a ballad but not a ballad but … a ballad.

The bass is thick and the aforementioned guitar is somewhat orchestral walking the fine line of classic rock and beautiful modern sounds, throw in some amazing vocals and this song has all the ingredients for success! I can’t wait to hear what the band offers next, with music like this, the sky is the limit.