Video: Young Dolph – “Crashin’ Out”

Young Dolph is the poster boy for independent success, using his business acumen to build a massive legion of friends without major assistance. Coming through with his first new single of 2019, Dolph shares “Crashin’ Out.” Combining street-level wisdom with extravagant boasts, “Crashin’ Out” is classic Dolph: “Never signed a deal, but I got more guap than all-a y’all,” Dolph intones at the beginning of the track’s second verse.

It’s not bragging if you’re speaking the truth–and Dolph only speaks facts. In the visual, Dolph takes his fleet of camo-wrapped luxury cars to Manhattan, pokes his head out the window of his Wraith as he cruises down avenues, and hits up Midtown’s famous Halal Guys for late-night grub. Following up a series of star-studded, high-concept videos, the Highsnobiety-premiered “Crashin’ Out” brings Dolph back to his streetwise, guap-getting roots.