New Video By Darrell Kelley “Get Wild”

He’s a man who wears many hats. Musician, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley has released a steady stream of recordings in the last year. “Storm Is Coming” was his debut R&B/contemporary Gospel EP in 2018 acting as the musical launch pad leading to multiple radio singles that included the radio chart climber “Believe in Something (Kneel)”, a scathing rebuke of the Colin Kaepernick controversy and critique of the lack of social justice many races and economically struggling citizens are afforded in our society. To kick off 2019 he officially released his debut album titled “Unity”.

April 25, 2019, is the worldwide retail street date for Bishop Darrell Kelley’s sophomore album, “Here Ends the Lesson” He continues his musical journey in style, sharing his positivity, wisdom, love, and unity, and adds new material to his impressive list of releases dropped these past months.