Top 100 Network Multi-Level Marketing Companies

In today’s digital world, multi-level marketing is becoming a popular trend. With the help of modern technology, it brings people together to build a network and promote the business. Given the trend, income benefits and the flexibility of work hours, many MLM companies have been operating across the globe.

Here, in this article, we’ll list down the top 100 multi-level marketing companies worldwide.

1. Avon Cosmetics – This is one of the most popular MLM companies in the United States whose business is to sell beauty, household, and personal care products.

2. Herbalife – Another big MLM US-based company that sells nutrition and weight control products. If you think this MLM company can help you make more money, check – top mlm to get more information.

3. Oriflame – This is also one of the oldest MLM companies which is based in Sweden. Their business focuses on selling skincare, body, and other wellness products.

4. Mary Kay – This multi-level marketing company is based in the United States whose products are cosmetics and personal care.

5. Vorwerk – This is a Germany-based company that promotes and sells household appliances.

6. Forever Living – This famous MLM company sells a wide range of dietary supplements, beauty, and skincare products.

7. Natura – Based in Brazil, this company focuses on promoting cosmetics, personal care, perfume, and other beauty products.

8. Quanjian – A China-based marketing company which is known for selling herbal medicine.

9. Pola – This is a profitable MLM company in Japan that sells cosmetics and skin care products.

10. Tupperware – This is one of the most prominent network marketing firms in the United States with affordable kitchen items as its primary products.

11. DXN – This is a Malaysia-based marketing company that offers cosmetics, herbal medicines, and beverages to the people of America.

12. Nu Skin – With more people who want to look younger, this MLM firm is famous in the anti-aging skincare industry.

13. ACN – This is one of the largest sellers of energy, telecommunications, and other essential services for home and business.

14. Scentsy – This marketing firm is all about scents. It offers a wide variety of fragrances for your home.

15. Belcorp – This a Peru-based MLM company that sells agrochemical products.

16. LegalShield – This company is a legitimate provider of legal service products.

17. Primerica – A US-based marketing firm that offers insurance and financial services.

18. Koyo-Sha – This seller of electronic gadgets, jewelry, and automobiles is based in Japan.

19. Kannaway – With the benefits associated with CBD supplements and hemp oil, this company is one of the largest sellers of such products.

20. Golden Sun – This is one of the biggest providers of fresh produce industrial products in the United States.

21. Doterra – This MLM company offers fantastic essential oils to a wide range of consumers in the market.

22. Gano XL – This marketing company is one of the most significant sources of exotic herbal beverages.

23. Miki – A Japan-based MLM company that sells health products and food supplements.

24. Dubli Network – This is a US-based seller of entertainment, travel, and shopping services.

25. PartyLite – This marketing company offers party products to many consumers.

26. Javita – This is a US-based company that sells coffee products.

27. GVO – This MLM firm sells IT solutions and other related products.

28. It Works – Based in the US, this company has a wide variety of beauty, weight loss, and wellness products to offer.

29. Stream – This company is known for being a well-known seller of connected life and energy services.

30. Captain Tortue – This MLM company is one of the famous sellers of fashion and clothes in England.

31. YOFOTO – Based in China, health care and wellness products are the products that this company offers.

32. Shaklee – This marketing firm sells nutritional supplements, beauty, and other household products.

33. Nefful – This is a US-based marketing company that offers clothing and cleaning products.

34. Isagenix – This company sells dietary supplements and personal care products in the United States.

35. WorldVentures – A US-based company that focuses on selling travel services and membership of discount vacation clubs.

36. Market America – This MLM company sells a variety of cosmetics, skincare, and health products.

37. USANA – This company promotes products in the field of nutrition and healthcare.

38. Enagic – This MLM company offers water purifiers and filtration products.

39. Rolmex – Based in China, this marketing firm is the seller of cleaning products, kitchen wares, and other nutritional products.

40. QNet – A Hong-Kong based multi-level marketing company that sells fashion accessories, along with personal and home care services.

41. Fordays – This MLM company is based in Japan that offers cosmetics and dietary supplements.

42. Plexus Worldwide – High-quality health care products are offered by this MLM company.

43. Advocare – This company is famous for selling dietary supplements, health, and nutritional products in the United States.

44. Morinda – This marketing firm sells products such as beverages, cosmetics, and oils.

45. Shopping Sherlock – E-commerce products are sold by this US-based marketing company.

46. Stampin Up – This MLM company is a well-known seller of handmade cards, paper crafting, and home décor.

47. 31Gifts – This firm sells women fashion in the United States.

48. Zrii – Situated in the United States, this company offers wellness and skincare products.

49. Global Wealth Trade – This is a Canada-based seller of beauty, fashion, and health products.

50. Jewels by Park Lane – This company is a favorite source of jewels in America.

51. Immunotec – A Canadian MLM company that offers wellness and nutrition products.

52. Naris Cosmetics – A Japanese marketing firm that sells skincare products.

53. Princess House – This company is a reliable provider of kitchen products in America.

54. Pampered Chef – An American marketing company that provides cookbooks, food products, and kitchen tools.

55. Cutco Cutlery – This company is a home appliance seller in the United States.

56. 4Life Research – This is a US-based company that sells fitness, beauty, and health products.

57. Le-Vel – This marketing firm is a provider of healthcare and wellness products in America.

58. Ambit Energy – This US-based company provides electricity and natural gas services.

59. Unicity International – this MLM company sells health and fitness products in the United States.

60. Nucerity International – This marketing company sells skincare products in America.

61. Arbonne – This marketing firm stands out for providing cosmetics, nutrition, and skin care products in the United States.

62. SUN HOPE – This company operates in China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It also sells health products.

63. Mistine – Based in Thailand, this company sells cosmetic products to many customers.

64. Tiens/Tianshi – This company in China focuses on offering dietary supplements and wellness products.

65. Youngevity – Based in America, this MLM company provides a variety of products such as oil, food, health, nutrition, and fashion.

66. Yanbal – A Peru-based MLM company that sells jewelry, cosmetics, and beauty products.

67. Zurvita – Another US-based MLM company that provides health products.

68. World Global Network – This marketing firm offers cellular devices, wearable technology, and other products that improve the quality of life of the people.

69. GNLD – This MLM firm sells nutrition or health products in the United States.

70. ASEA – Skincare and health care products are offered by this US-based MLM company.

71. FM Group – Based in the United Kingdom, this marketing firm sells foods, home goods, and fragrances.

72. Organo Gold – This MLM company focuses on selling personal care, beverages, and body care.

73. Bode-Pro – This is a US-based company that offers nutritional products.

74. NHT Global – This company sells herbal, home, and baby products in the United States.

75. Southwestern Advantage – College prep materials, books, and software are offered by this MLM company.

76. Vestige Marketing – Based in India, this company offers personal care products and premium cosmetics.

77. LifeVantage – This is an American MLM firm that sells personal care and wellness products.

78. Alphay International – This company in the United States provides health, lifestyle, and food products.

79. Sisel International – Found in the USA and Switzerland, this MLM company provides household products, cosmetics, and natural health supplements.

80. Nature’s Sunshine – Healthcare and wellness products are sold by this company.

81. Melaleuca – This US-based company sells products such as pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care, and home hygiene.

82. Vision International People Group – this MLM company offers Health, food, and cosmetics products.

83. Infinitus – This marketing firm offers health products.

84. Perfect – Located in China, this company is known for offering skin care, household, and health care products.

85. Rodan and Fields – This company sells skin care products in the United States.

86. New Era – Based in China, this MLM firm provides products in the field of nutrition, household, and personal care.

87. Send Out Cards – Selling online cards are the business of this US-based MLM company.

88. Plexus Worldwide – Health care products are sold by this American MLM company.

89. Naturally Plus – A Japanese marketing firm that provides healthcare products to improve healthy living and wellness.

90. JoyMain – This is a China-based company that provides green health products to its consumers.

91. Jeunesse – This MLM company offers everyday essentials and other nutritional products.

92. Longrich – Found in China, selling health care products is the business of this marketing company.

93. Pure Romance – Offering wellness, personal care, and bath and beauty products is what this US-based MLM company does.

94. Hy Cite Enterprises – This is another US-based marketing company that sells cookware lines.

95. Noevir – In Japan, this company promotes beauty and other cosmetics products.

96. PM International – Located in Germany, this MLM company aims at providing high-quality health and wellness products.

97. AdvoCare – Based in the United States, this company is a provider of energy and other dietary supplements to its customers.

98. Telecom Plus – Found in the UK, this marketing firm takes pride in offering phone, broadband and energy services.

99. Wachters Organic Sea Products – This is a pioneering MLM company in the US that sells unique beauty and healthcare products worldwide.

100. Alliance in Motion – This is a US-based MLM company that sells quality health and nutrition products to its consumers worldwide.


So, there you have it. This is the list of top 100 network multi-level marketing companies across the globe. Use this article to help you decide whether network marketing is the right business opportunity for you.