Bongo Boy Music Group Release New Single by Frank Trousdell ‘BUSHLINE SNIPER’

A true sense of Americana filters through Frank Trousdell’s “Bushline Sniper” proving him to be a deeply compelling storyteller. Everything about the song has a perfect kind of raw grit and soul. From the twang of the guitar to the ornate fiddle work that filters through, the piece possesses such authenticity. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix. Featuring a truly incredible buildup that helps to give strength to Frank Trousdell’s lyricism the whole of the track simply consumes the listener whole. With a defiant sound the piece expands and soars right into the sky.

Quietly the song begins, setting the tone for what follows. Frank Trousdell’s voice has a commanding presence to it. Even right from the beginning the vocals have such a sense of conviction behind them as they recall a story. Gradually the narrative comes into focus as the rest of the arrangement kicks it up into high gear. By allowing a sense of patience to permeate the whole of the song everything about it has a living, breathing quality to it. All of it refuses to let up, and instead doubles down on this potent spirit. Volume increases and the intensity of the track becomes ever more important. All of it reaches an absolute fevered pitch for the gorgeous finale, with all of it working wonders as it swirls about.

Frank Trousdell delves into an entire brilliant fully realized world with the powerful sound of “Bushline Sniper”.

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