Power Pop from Chicago: Too Much Saturn New Single “Blame”

Too Much Saturn go for a powerful poppy sound on the passionate “Blame Game”. With a positively timeless sound the track evolves in such a careful way. Effortlessly bringing together the singer-songwriter tradition alongside indie rock, firmly anchored by power pop. Lyrics explore the difficulties that come with a relationship and the pratfalls involved with keeping that relationship going. Melodically rich the whole of the track radiates a warm inviting hue to it as the whole piece opts for a tremendous display of color. At times Too Much Saturn recalls the peppy approach of R. Stevie Moore in creating the perfect intersection of indie and mainstream while delivering something entirety new.

Audio: https://toomuchsaturn.bandcamp.com/

Not a moment is wasted as they settle right down into a strong groove. From there things only build up in intensity. Vocals take front and center stage with all else flowing from them. Percussion opts for a jumpy, giddy tempo while everything else moves by in a gorgeous blur of color. Allowing it all to simply settle naturally gives the entirety of the piece a welcoming quality. Highly intimate everything about Too Much Saturn’s sound feels familiar, akin to having a conversation with an old friend about their relationship. Lyrically honest yet precise in its detail the song grows and grows until it comes up into a sweeping symphony by the end.

Done with the utmost of care and compassion, Too Much Saturn weave a thoughtful narrative on the compelling bliss of “Blame Game”.