New Video By Raised on TV “Smog City”

After some light musical experimentation, Raised On TV realized there was a potential future in the tunes they made for fun. The days of playing in the garage were no more: it was time to get serious. The trio consists of Ryan Weiss and brothers Keaton Rogers and Kacey Greenwood. They’ve already released an EP and a full-length album, and now they’re ready for the next big thing.

After the success of their first single “Caroline,” a motivational power-pop anthem, Raised On TV is back again with their newest song “Smog City.” A big attraction of the city life is the nightlife that comes with it: the never-ending clubbing, the myriad of bars to hop around from, and the endless moon-lit adventures. Yet most don’t consider the perspectives of the hospitality workers who keep nightlife going, especially taxi drivers.

The video of “Smog City” shows the endless array of customers a driver might get in a typical night: overly drunk girls, strange people with animals, and obnoxious passengers who go out of their way to make the ride harder for the driver. Raised On TV is in the rotation of passengers and sit squished in the backseat singing about how weird and crazy the people in the city are. The city is the perfect place to come across things that are not ordinary in one’s mind, but completely normal in others. The fast-paced whirlwind of city nights has life appearing to be overwhelming and misplaced. But if we overlook the strangeness in others, we’ll realize that we all nest a few quirky qualities as well.