When do you want to get rid of unwanted guests?

What do you do when you have unwanted guests in the form of rodents in your house? Well, you call Omega animal removal because we are the best rat removal and rodent control in North Texas! While many rodent control and rat removal companies and services exist, we remain in a class of our own. This is because of our commitment to hiring the best and most experienced rodent removal experts in the industry, and because of the lifetime guarantee we offer to our customers in which we promise to remove the rodents which are currently living in your house, and the rodents which you may find taking up residence in your entire house in the future. This is unique even for companies in the rat removal and rodent control industry!

Why choose Omega animal removal?

The correct question to ask should be, “why not choose Omega animal removal.” This is because rodents are not just annoying and unsightly, they are a dangerous scourge which can be deadly largely because of the diseases they carry. Some of these include rabies and hantavirus which are present both on their bodies and in their droppings. Since these diseases are communicable, homeowners put their lives at risk by not calling in a professional company to remove these pesky rodents. However, because of the nature of the job, not just any rodent removal company will do. When it comes to getting rid of rats, raccoons, and other pesky animals, you want to choose a company whose rodent removers are experts, which would be our rodent removal team. What’s more is that because of their expertise, they go well beyond the conventional means of removing rodents which other rodent removal companies use. This primarily consists of booby-trapping your house with a few rat traps and some rat poison which is placed at a few strategic places in your house. Instead, our rodent removal team takes an integrated and comprehensive approach in terms of making sure that all rodents are removed from your premises by using a four-step rodent control process which is guaranteed to get rid of all rodents which currently live in your house, and ensure that they stay away for good! No other rodent control company in North Texas has a rodent control team which does this!

The four-step rodent control process explained

Let’s explain this process in more detail! Our experts will begin by obtaining information from you to fully understand the nature of your rodent problem and your underlying concerns. They then inspect the entire exterior of your house to understand where all of the possible places which rodents can enter your house are located. Once this has been accomplished, the first step is to use live rat cages, instant kill rat traps, and rodent excluder valves to remove rodents from every area of your house. The next step is to seal off all possible points on the outside through which rodents could easily enter. This is done by galvanized metal and weatherproof sealants which are non-toxic. The third step is to decontaminate your attic and other places where rodents tend to settle down in large numbers by getting rid of their urine and feces. Not only are these rodent waste products deadly because they carry many deadly diseases, but they also provide a trail of pheromones which future rodents can easily use to enter into your house in the future. Our experts use two types of decontaminants to ensure that rats don’t re-enter into your house from unconventional places. The final step is to use a long term rodent population control strategy with the placement of rodent bait stations all around the exterior of your home. This four-step process is not used by other local rodent control companies. We have many a happy customer whom we get referrals from because of this four-step process.

Now that you know…

If you have a problem with pesky rodents swarming your house, and especially your attic, and you are at a loss as to what to do next, call us. Our expert team will drive rodents away from your home and will keep them away forever!