Victor Pedro releases “Call Me, I Miss Ya!”


Out of dark and mysterious silence, a fragile melody driven equally by a synthesizer and a sexy vocal harmony emerges and imparts a chilling glow with every note that it emits. There’s something coming for us just over the horizon, and whatever it is, it means business. “You know I miss ya,” the voices sing in perfect cadence, with the words reverberating into the ethers for what feels like an eternity. Victor Pedro grabs the microphone and starts spitting verses like it’s second nature, and as we come into the first stanza of lyrics in his new single “Call Me, I Miss Ya!,” it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that we aren’t listening to a song that was designed for the mindfully manipulative stylings of club DJs alone.

Pedro swings as hard as his beats do in this track, but he doesn’t let his words violently disrupt the fluidity of the music in the background. The synths aren’t gritty, and the drums don’t grind, but there’s a lot of unvarnished tension coming from the instrumentation that emphasizes just how sweet a singer he is in “Call Me, I Miss Ya!”. Every verse is outfitted with a fleeting echo that makes the hardest of harmonies angelically adapt to the space in the master mix, and as indulgent as the vocals get as we inch towards the chorus, Pedro goes out of his way to keep the content of his lyrics free of bombastic camp and recycled references. He’s getting intimate with us here, and he wears the vulnerable persona quite well, to say the least.

The chorus sways back and forth between our speakers like a pendulum, and in the half-whisper of the words, we start to feel the impact of the emotion in their narrative. A wilting romance. The feeling that this lonesomeness isn’t finished teaching us a lesson. The willingness to do pretty much whatever it takes to get a phone call, or at least a text, knowing that this love isn’t dead yet. It’s all here, in these lyrics, and to a larger extent, the textured music that is flowing from the bass, synths and drums. If “Takeover” and “How Far?” were statement singles, than this song is in fact the culmination of Victor Pedro’s artistic odyssey towards complete self-awareness.

As the song slowly disappears from our airspace and only the echoing tonality of the honeysweet harmonies that we’ve just heard remains, it’s easy to give into temptation and play “Call Me, I Miss Ya!” all over again. It’s a powerfully emotional single from an artist who has really found his sound, and furthermore, learned exactly what to do with it to make it look and feel as iconic as that of his influences’ is. I’ve been listening to some really profound hip-hop, pop, R&B and worldbeat lately, but this track manages to bring the best of each genre into one melting pot of melodies that is irresistible even after numerous listening sessions, and once you’ve given it a chance to sink its long, sharp hooks into your chest, I think you’ll be inclined to agree with me.

Check out the Single:

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