Can Vaping Help with Anxiety

Aside from being a popular pastime, vaping – the practice of using an e-cigarette – can be a great way to reduce stress on many levels. In this post, we’ll explain how vaping can help with anxiety issues, even if you’re not just quitting smoking. Even if you’re trying to quit smoking, we’ll explain the benefits of using a vape in order to calm your nerves as well. As we all know – there are more successful way to quit smoking than quitting, you just have to do a little research. 

Vaping Can Contain Nicotine

Studies have shown that even with lower nicotine concentrations, using a vape pen or an ohm box (for “ohming”, which produce a thicker vapor than a regular e-cigarette or vape pen) can actually reduce stress, and replace the need for smoking cigarettes altogether. You can order many “e-juices” that contain various amounts of nicotine, as well as buy the nicotine oil to add yourself if you want to customize the amount of nicotine in the vapor.

Because of this, there are many benefits and even health professionals admit that this is a much more successful way to quit smoking than quitting cold turkey, or cutting down nicotine using the “cutting down cigarettes” method as well.

Vaping Flavors and Scents Can Help

Many people who are even non-smokers vape for the simple “taste” or the smell of the product they’re using. They use e-juices which have certain scents or flavors that can actually help them curb their anxiety by using a form of aromatherapy that is often associated with favorite tastes and smells. For example, if something that is normally a comfort food for them (which is often associated with their anxiety and desiring to eat that comfort food, like a cherry cheesecake), then they can order and use an e-juice that is flavored like that cherry cheesecake in the example, and when they vape, they can taste and smell it, which brings comfort and peace of mind.

Vaping Without Nicotine Can Help More

If you’ve completely finished cutting down to quit smoking, or just are a non-smoker, you can get the same effects of relaxation by vaping without nicotine, because you’re not getting all of the harsh chemicals that are associated with common cigarettes and nicotine products, which can actually produce more anxiety when you’re “in-between use”. Vaping by itself without nicotine has no actual stimulant in it (although some can contain caffeine when purchased, so you may want to watch out for those), so therefore they cause no increased heart rate or increase in blood pressure that’s commonly associated with nicotine use.


It’s conclusive that some people don’t know the real benefits of the controversial issue when it comes to vaping. Not only that, but those who complain about it are just like non-smokers complaining about smokers. Many who end up trying vaping end up finding the same anti-anxiety benefits that can result from vaping themselves, and they usually calm down. Other than this, sometimes vaping can actually provide aromatherapy for other people. If you find someone who likes the smell of say, mint, and you don’t mind the flavor either, you can easily switch to that ejuice and help provide some aromatherapy for them while you decrease your own anxiety as well.