Tough On Fridays New Single “Summer”

This is now the third review I’ve done for this talented duo from Georgetown, TX and I know Tough On Fridays won’t let me down because they have yet to disappoint me.  The latest single, “Summer”, is perfect timing with plants & flowers blooming and that sweet, summertime breeze right around the corner!  Tough On Fridays is welcoming in the warm season with sizzlin’, hot hooks and well-intended attitude.  The Texas dynamos have a real zest for life and a sunny zest for “Summer”.

Tough On Fridays is: Katie on bass & vocals and Caleigh on guitar & vocals.  I continue to be impressed with their musical chemistry and perfectly designed synergy as a band because you can literally hear just how connected Katie & Caleigh are as close friends and tight-knit artists.  It still blows my mind that Tough On Fridays just formed in 2017 because to the naked ear, it appears that Katie & Caleigh have many years under their belts.  It’s safe to say that Tough On Fridays is coming strong out of the gates and the recent single, “Summer”, is no exception to this rule.

On this new song, the listener will get driving chords and rhythms along with a commanding vocal presence that really rides out nice.  Once again, I am picking up on elements of: Pop and Alt-Rock in what I already referred to as Poppy Punk Persuasion.  I have to think that Tough On Fridays is paying homage to bands like Blink 182 because “Summer” is fun & loose with a playful edginess that slices through.  But Tough On Fridays delivers this style with their own Spunky Sass in place and unfiltered, garage band-like tone.  The demeanor of TOF is second to none as Katie and Caleigh are playing their hearts out without a care in the world.

If you don’t like this group or their music then all I have to say is Tough and even Tougher On Fridays because the band marches on!   It’s hard not to like Tough On Fridays and their new track “Summer” because the dynamic duo attracts you with an infectious beat and likable persona.  The TOF experience will pull you in immediately and demand your undivided attention.  “Summer” is a fast-paced, punchy number that shines through and Tough On Fridays is kicking ass and taking names!

By Jimmy Rae (