Sarantos New Single/Video “Bankruptcy”

Sarantos explores a painful personal subject with tremendous grace on the sunny “Bankruptcy”. Over the course of the piece Sarantos utilizes an arrangement that at times feels nearly tropical. By opting for such a gentle take the whole of the track goes for something graceful. His inviting voice offers reassurance that indeed no one is alone in such a situation, though loneliness can become a large part of it. By going through life to the absolute fullest inevitability there will be a moment where money becomes too tight then simply breaks. For no one is immune to financial problems, the stretching of the dollar and the hope of hanging in there.

A lilting guitar introduces the piece. From the first twang, the light-filled guitar gestures seem intrinsically at odds with the sorrowful lyricism. With this rather darkened view, Sarantos is able to find hope.

Though bankruptcy is a traumatic, painful experience, it is one that does not necessarily need to define a life. By rising above that pitfall, to refuse to succumb to the infinite awfulness that bankruptcy brings, one can find a more gracious path. Money, wealth, these are things that people spend entire lifetimes chasing. Yet there are more important things, of relationships with friends and family. Emphasizing those connections shall always be more important and Sarantos shows that as the song unspools in a gorgeous way.

Done with the greatest level of sophistication and poise, Sarantos gives a thoughtful take on one of society’s most misunderstood experiences with “Bankruptcy”.