New Video By Money Rod “Respect”

Floridian rapper Money Rod (Rodney McClain) became involved with music as a youngster in the church choir but the lure of N. Miami Street life eventually pulled him towards rhyming. Beside childhood friend Young Trell, Money Rod formed Auder Limits in 2007.

Money Rod went on to work with Lu Diaz a.k.a. the Diaz brothers who had previously worked with the lights of Lloyd Banks, Pitbull, and DJ Khaled.

Money Rod eventually gained notice but underground solo recordings like the facts of life EP. He continued to collaborate with Hugo Diaz and release the relatively commercial “Better Part” consider to be the his first official solo release in 2012. Subsequent singles such as “Plain Jane,” “Sip Sumn,” and “A Journey,” issued through 2016, to change it to court radio play.