The two Brits (@georgiasomary, @debbiedrums), and two Americans (@gabriette, @chloechaidez) caused a social stir when Charli XCX first hinted at Nasty Cherry’s existence, racking up nearly 10K followers (now almost double) in one evening overnight, but the girls have otherwise kept a pretty shadowy profile. Nasty Cherry is romantic and bitchy at the same time—like if Robert Smith was created by Andy Warhol in the Factory, or The Strokes, if they all had vaginas. Someone should remake ‘The Craft’ just so Nasty Cherry can make the soundtrack. In Nasty Cherry’s spare time you might see lead singer Gabz modeling for the recent cover of Galore or sitting front row at YSL in Paris; you might see bassist Georgia flying planes, loading 18th century muskets or decorating sets for the Star Wars movies; you might hear drummer Debbie recording radio episodes with Charli at the Beats 1 studio or you might catch guitarist Chloe gate crashing the red carpet or jumping off a speaker, performing with the band KITTEN.

“WIN” follows Charli’s directing vision since her iconic “Boys” music video release, and later David Guetta’s “Dirty Sexy Money” which she’s also vocally featured and a songwriter, ALMA “Phases” and RAYE “I, You, US”. Charli XCX said about the video, “When Kristen and I thought about the “WIN” video for Nasty Cherry we were very inspired by the female form, block color, Dario Argento’s Suspiria and the four members of the band themselves. Gabriette is a trained dancer (as well as all the other stuff she does), Chloe’s been performing in bands since she was like 10, Debbie eats, sleeps and breathes drumming, and Georgia had a pretty amazing career as a set decorator before the band began. I wanted to create a space for them where they could all shine, all be themselves and all perform to the maximum. I love these women, I love their strength and I love this song and video. I’m so happy to be involved with their creative vision.”

(Photo credit: Tsarina Merrin – @tsarinamerrin)