Rev Peter Unger New Single “There’s a Spirit”

Rev Peter Unger offers crystal clarity on the optimism of “There’s a Spirit”. Full of life his vocals recall the loving compassion of early Magnetic Fields, radiating such tenderness. By singing with such passion the piece sparkles and shines. The arrangement becomes attuned to his soothing vocal delivery always ensuring his lyrics take front and center stage. Right in the heart of it all is the undeniable faith that guides the entirety of the piece forward, drenching it with such tremendous light. Stylistically Rev Peter Unger employs a mixture of western country twang with almost a folk-like take on the sound.

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Not a moment is wasted for the slide guitar come gracefully gliding into place. Upon Rev Peter Unger’s voice entering into the fray things truly begin. Little details matter a great deal, as the laid-back quality of the bass helps to further anchor the whole of the work. Highly articulate with his word choice, Rev Peter Unger’s mixture of poetry, narrative, with careful metaphors help to give the track such color. Keeping things to the essentials ensures that the piece has a timeless, tasteful quality to it. Every single gesture becomes amplified with all the many details glowing with such tremendous power. For the final stretch it all neatly fades out to offer a cyclical sense of beauty.

Careful, considered, and calming, Rev Peter Unger offers a glimpse of a gentler world on the quiet contemplation of “There’s a Spirit”.

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