Sleepersound “Give To Time” Official Music Video Out Now

Shot on Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, “Give To Time” has an essential presence as a waking dream theory which laid the groundwork for the final visuals. From the initial appearance of Inga running along the shore, to the vivid studio setting of the band’s performance, those ethereal milieus presented themselves as manifest destiny.

Sleepersound are from Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, and thereabouts which give deep music heads the ability to make soundtracks for the movies in their own minds. Listening to their new album ‘In Media Res’ feels like hearing what creative young people do in response to the snowed-in and/or super-hot lethargy of the area – extremities forcing friends to hole themselves up in garages and crawl into basements to communicate with each other through building layers of cinematic images through musical instruments. They fight the elements from without by making things elemental within.

One thing about how both post-punk into post-rock music emerged from the heartland is how it was more likely fans would crawl into crates of experimental rock, Noir indie folk, ambient obscurities, and eclectic imports and come out with an American guitar-based love of music for music’s sake. Sleepersound started as a solo project by David D’Antonio (guitars, vocals, synths), and was chosen by him to “invoke the desire to awaken ourselves gradually and ajar from existential slumbers that make us aloof to each other and our world,” David says.