Going with the weed

Although most of the food and drug administration companies have not recognised marijuana plant as medicinal still the plant as a whole or at times extracts of the plant are used for medicinal practices.

The scientific study of the compounds in marijuana called cannabinoids has led to FDA approved medications that contains cannabinoids in medical form. Continued research on the field might lead to many more medications.

As the marijuana contains compounds which can be used in the pharma industry many people argue about legalizing it for medical purposes.

Now what’s the big deal?

Cannabinoids are chemicals which are related to THC which is the plants main mind altering ingredient which make the people high. Marijuana contains might be more than 100 of cannabinoids. People have tried producing them in the lab and has been successful so far. Some of them are very powerful and can cause serious health effects if not administered under proper guidance.

The body also produces its own set of cannabinoid chemicals which a vital role in regulating pleasure memory thinking concentration and other important stuff.

Weed and research

The two most important ingredients from the marijuana plant are CBD, and THC. THC is said to increase your hunger and reduce nausea. It is also known to reduce pain and inflammations in the body.

CBD is a cannabinoid that doesn’t make the people high though are popular for recreational use but they are not intoxicating.

They are used in pain reduction controlling epileptic seizures and treating mental illness and addictions.

Recent research has shown that the extracts from the plant help in killing the cancer cells and reduce the size of the other cancer cells which proved to be a major breakthrough in the cancer research.

Scientists and experts from the one cell culture study have also shown that extracts from the plant have slowed down the growth of the cancer cells from the most serious of the brain tumors.

The research in mice has shown that treatment with purified extracts of the compounds increases the effect of radiation.

According to recent data more than half the US has legalized medical marijuana in some or the other form and other are procuring bills to do the same. Yet the FDA has only approved it for the treatment of two severe forms of epilepsy.

The research can not be done properly as marijuana is considered a schedule I drug which means its in the same class as heroin and its likely to be abused rather than being used for its medicinal purposes.

Where to get it from?

In Spite of all the research and everything you can still buy marijuana from online stores in many places on the earth. Online Dispensaries in Canada has large collections of weed and marijuana products which are mainly procured from the British columbia. These products are tested and retested in various categories and the authorities ensure that there are no any sort of pesticides and molds present in the products.

The stores guarantees your satisfaction regarding the products. If not they are willing you to refund the money. Even in case of a robbery while delivering the product the company tales the claims and ships you a new product.

To buy weed online nowadays is so easy that companies now offer the price match guarantee. These online weed dispensaries are working very hard to give you the best values.

If you are ordering above $99 the shipping is free

There is also a large variety available in the online stores along with the highest quality of products. Pesticides are never used and the people there know how to grow the best quality of weed in the market.

Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed with them.they never share your information with anyone else and they have the best network encryption practices to keep your transactions safe.

Planning on getting it?

To order you just have to submit proof that you are 19 years or older

Then send a payment electronically

After the payment has been made the products are packed in vacuum sealed smell proof bag with discreet packaging

Generally it takes one or two days to reach the major cities and three to four business days to reach other urban areas.

Steroids in sports

Although the government of Canada has legalized cannabis on October 2017 but that doesn’t mean athlete’s cause it to enhance their abilities. The canadian population who are subjected to the Canadian Anti doping program must be aware of this fact. Steroids canada are a big no no ! cannabis continues to be a prohibited substance in the use of sorts and misusing it can mean termination from further participation.

Basically the CADP adheres to WADA’s prohibited list. The WADA list is an international standard and although Canada’s thoughts on cannabis changed but the world has maintained the plant on the prohibited list.