What To Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

Are you planning on whitening your teeth for a flashy and beautiful smile to show off with other people? We all want to look our best, and our smile is the first thing to enhance for the cameras! And with teeth whitening being a popular and easier process every year, it’s probably tempting for you to get the first whitening kit you see or to go to a dentist immediately.

However, there are still some things you need to learn about getting your teeth whitened. After all, there is still something to take note of to ensure that it’s safe for you to do. So read on as I show you what to know before whitening your teeth!

Before you go on whitening your teeth, here are the top six things to learn about first:

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow?

There are actually various reasons as to why our teeth yellow, though the main reason is aging. Our teeth yellowing is totally normal, and just as how our hair turns gray, our teeth would turn yellow. What turns yellow is dentin (not enamel), which is in your teeth’s inner area.

Dentin would grow darker and enamel thins out because of wear and grinding, as well as consuming acidic drinks and food (such as drinking coffee, wine, or tea). Other causes include chewing tobacco, genetics, exposure to too much fluoride or hitting a tooth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are two methods for whitening teeth, which are:

Intrinsic is the whitening of the dentin, the tooth’s inner part. It soaks with a gel made of hydrogen peroxide, then becomes lighter. This is best used for those who suffer from yellowed teeth due to aging.

As for extrinsic whitening, it removes stains on the enamel, which is the teeth’s other part. This is best used for those who have stained teeth from the food and drinks consumed.

Tooth Sensitivity and Whitening Safety

When whitening your teeth, you have to be wary of the following:

Your tooth will be sensitive for the first 24 hours after your teeth are exposed to the whitening gel. It might not be painful, but some may experience it, depending on how sensitive your tooth is.

The whitening won’t last forever (with results also varying depending on how you care for them) and your teeth will yellow again within six months to two years.

We all have different smiles and teeth, so you need custom whitening trays or strips, which your dentist can provide.

Different Ways For Whitening Teeth

There are various methods on teeth whitening, and most times you won’t even need to go to the dentist!

Whitening toothpaste lightens your teeth, removing staining but not changing the teeth’s internal color.

Professional teeth whitening are done at the dentist, taking a few hours but with instant results.

Whitening trays are made by your dentist, covering your teeth and keeping whitening gels in place as it whitens your teeth.

Whitening strips are plastics, flexible strips molded around your teeth, easily available but also can lead to uneven results.

What Whitening Methods to Stay Away From

There are also some methods you should avoid because of its lack of safety and risk.

Laser, UV light, halogen, led, or zoom whitening which can actually kill your teeth and are not done by professionals.

Whitening mouthwash doesn’t whiten your teeth, but it may lead to harm.

DIY whitening pastes made of strawberries, lemon, or other natural ingredients may look cute and can be effective, though the fruity acid would wear away your enamel.

You Might Not Be Allowed to Whiten Your Teeth!

Did you know that even if teeth whitening can help many, it might not be for everyone? If ever your teeth experience the following, then its best that you avoid whitening or ask your dentist about it:

You have very sensitive teeth

You have acid erosion or GERD

You experience sensitive gums or gum recession

You’re sensitive to hydrogen peroxide

You have cavities and spot decalcifications

You’re under 17 or pregnant and breastfeeding

You have crowns or visible fillings

Wrapping It Up

Whitening your teeth leads to a beautiful and whiter smile everyone would love to look at! But, you need to learn what to expect so you have a successful whitening process without the issue. It all starts with learning what kit or dentist to invest in, and what works best for your teeth!

I hope this article on what to know before whitening your teeth helped you out. Now that you’re familiar with what whitening does, learn more about teeth care and maintain white teeth from blogs like the Best Electric Toothbrush Club today.