@skopemag news for March 25, 2019 @ 10:15 am est

SKULLSMASHER: “Negative Pressure Pulverization”

Heavy Blog Is Heavy has issued the new single from Los Angeles grindcore squad SKULLSMASHER, the outfit founded by members of Ripped To Shreds, Azath, Draghkar, and more. As the band’s Selfmadegod debut, Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery, nears release next week, the new single “Negative Pressure Pulverization” is now unleashed.


“Blessed Is the Boogie certainly wears the group’s debt to John Lee Hooker and other boogie masters proudly on its sleeve. But tracks such as ‘Not For Me’ and ‘Cat on a Roof’ are more expansive and compositionally ambitious, while the acoustic-flavored ‘City of Lights’ hews toward some of Mariani’s power-pop background.” – Gary Graff, BILLBOARD

Song Premiere: Datura4 – “Cat on a Roof”

Former Peggy Sue bassist Benedict Benjamin shares exquisite new single and video ‘The Way You Talk To Waiters’

Sigrid Releases Official ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ Music Video, OUT NOW, 3/22

ULTHAR: Bay Area Death Trio Begins North American Tour; Trailer Posted

Bay area death trio ULTHAR will kick off a brutalizing North American tour today in Oakland, California. The trek will make its way through nearly three-dozen cities, coming to a close May 24th in Santa Fe, New Mexico. See all confirmed dates below and view the tour trailer HERE.

Swiss Hardcore/Noise/Metal/Punk rebels Coilguns to tour with WRONG all over Europe

After a nice European ride with Birds In Row and Ken Mode on Fall 2018 and before to tour again this summer next to Birds In Row and Cult Leaders, Swiss hardcore/noise maestros Coilguns are about to embark for an European tour with the sludge-rockers of Wrong (USA) for a new bunch of gigs on Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland….

The Tough Shits Release New Album ‘Burning in Paradise’ Via Burger Records

“The Tough Shits are so half-assed about being a ‘successful’ band that it’s almost heroic. Though they rarely play outside Philadelphia and they have the self-promotional instincts of a pile of bricks, they’ve amassed a small but fervent cult of admirers drawn in by their genius-level pop hooks and infectious attitude of not giving a single fuck in the whole world.” – Chicago Reader


Travis Scott w/ Future, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross & Young Thug at State Farm Arena in Atlanta – 3/22.

Artist: Tyler Jame$ + Track: Wake up in Supreme

“Wake up in Supreme” is a track that puts you back in the feels of losing the one that you love. Even though he can’t have her wake up next to him, he can still “Wake up in Supreme” (Supreme being the expensive clothing brand.) He then goes on to state he would “Trade all his clothes” to be back with her. This song is a soft sounding ballad to the likes of Post Malone, and Lil Peep. TJ$ sets the scene of an empty bed, and hits it hard with the fact he can still “Wake up in Supreme”

Miranda Writes – ‘Be About It’ (Music Video)

Miranda Writes is the first female hip hop artist to cross over into the snowboard market and has released her hype-new snowboarding track “Be About It”.

Listen to False Heads single Slease now

First taster of the upcoming debut album:

Jon Haggerty “Backbone” song submission

The song is a rich, warm, and satisfying acoustic indie-pop mixture aiming to bring some hope to those in need. “Life can be hectic, but everything happens for a reason,” as Jon says.


WAYLAND, the midwest rock band hailing from the town sharing it’s name in Michigan, will release their new single “FORGET ABOUT ME” to their fans independently through management company, Fearlyss Entertainment. Written by Phillip Vilenski and Mitchel Arnold from Wayland and Cody Hanson and Marshall Dutton from Hinder. Forget About Me is a rock anthem that you can’t wait to sing along to in your car, discussing the trials and tribulations of a man having the worst day. Stream “Forget About Me” on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music March 28!


Years ago Mia R. Dieu and Frederyk Rotter were jaming from time to time during the periods they didn’t tour with their bands Zeal & Ardor and Zatokrev. In 2017 Norman Lonhard, mostly known as drummer in Triptykon, joined this rock group to become truly a power trio of charismatic and experienced individuals. Basically inspired by 90ies rock, noise and psychedelic tunes, AlyoshA create their own form of sludgy noise grunge with a filthy punk attitude accentuated by sweet, bloomy melodies.

Lo’99 Reveals Moody Clip for Infectious Dance Anthem ‘Sometime ft. Owl Eyes’

After reaching #1 on the ARIA Club Chart LO’99 today unveils the moody film clip for ‘Sometime ft. Owl Eyes’. Featuring a sultry dance routine, this video perfectly accompanies the infectious anthem.

Phourist & the Photons – ‘We’re All Born Screaming’ single

“For me, songs are like a musical exorcism—they come out screaming and I interpret them later on,” says Nick Phourist, of the Louisville, Kentucky-based quartet Phourist & the Photons. The band’s aptly-titled latest, We’re All Born Screaming, offers forth a viscerally distilled edition of the group’s stately and tuneful indie-rock allowing for maximum cathartic impact.

American Association of Suicidology Responds to Parkland Students’ Suicide Deaths

“The Parkland survivors have been heroes in their advocacy efforts since the tragedy, but the deaths of these students are a sobering reminder that they are not only young advocates, but also trauma victims and gun violence loss survivors,” said Michael Anestis, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi and co-chair of AAS’s Firearms and Suicide Committee. “This experience has likely been different for each of them and this should be a call for everyone – regardless of their views on firearms in the US – to unite around the fact that these kids have gone through something horrific and deserve all the effective care they need.”

Swiss Protoheavy krautrock psychedelic tribe Hubeskyla shared their entire new album ‘Fly On The Wings Of Love’ on YouTube

A few months after giving birth to their second full-length album ‘Fly On The Wings of Love’, released about six years after the first one ‘Spencer’s Return’ (2012), for LP & Digital through We Don’t Make It Records and Fidel Bastro, Swiss five-piece heavy-psych krautrock band Hubeskyla just their full-effort for FREE on YouTube.

New music: Editors unveil The Blanck Mass Sessions / Lead single ‘Barricades’

Editors today announce the release of The Blanck Mass Sessions for Record Store Day 2019. An electronica-infused alternative version of their acclaimed top 10 album Violence, The Blank Mass Sessions cast the songs in a bold new light, offering a fascinating insight into the album’s creative process. The album will be released on limited edition colour vinyl on Record Store Day on 13th April with general release on 3rd May via Play It Again Sam.

Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen – ‘Obsessed’

New video: Richard James Simpson ‘Cell’

Featuring such notable and OG punk/rock/alternative rock icons as Jill Emery (Mazzy Star, Hole); Don Bolles (The Germs); Dustin Boyer (John Cale); Paul Roessler (The Screamers, Twisted Roots); Mark Reback (Vast Asteroid); Ygarr Ygarrist (Zolar X) and Geza X (Geza X and the Mommymen, The Deadbeats), Richard James Simpson’s sophomore solo album, “Deep Dream”, offers ferocious, heart-wrenching songs that provide a unique sonic experience.