Everything You need to know about Windchimes

Are you able to locate all the inauspicious aspects of your life that affects your well being? Yes, it is true that health is among those major sectors that need to be focused on. If you answered yes then viennaimports windchimes can solve your problem related to both indoor and outdoor. Wind chimes are widely been known as Feng Shui Cure, and currently, there are numerous ways in Feng Shui can be used. In fact, it is considered one of the most common remedies that get used in order to cure and suppress negative energy. It can even be used so as to add energy where there is a lack of Chi. Top authorities prefer to place them in outdoors such as garden. Get a detailed description of it from the below-mentioned paragraph.

What are the wind chimes?

A special sort of percussion instrument that got constructed from rods, bells, suspected tubes as well as other objects that were made of wood or metal is known as wind chimes. The tubes, as well as the rods, can be suspended freely through providing a weight at the end, that when strikes on the bombardment of wind make a sound. They can be blown off even from the natural movement of outside air.

It usually gets hung outside your residence or building as an aural garden ornament. They are generally made based on chance-based music that produces sounds on the random effect of wind on chimes. The sound can be either fairly distinct pitches or indistinct pitches. Wind chimes can be listened from a fair distinct place through swift movement of air by creating simple broken chords and melodies chords.

The chimes are able to produce inharmonic spectra if they got hung at the appropriate length. The frequency of the sound can be determined easily through the width, thickness, length, and material. The chimes are made using either wood or metal. It can even include materials such as shell, stone, bamboo, glass, and stoneware, etc. aluminum chimes provide internal damping so as to achieve loudest and longest sounding chime.

An easy definition of the wind chimes can be stated as “a decorative arrangement of glass, metal or pottery that got hangs loosely so as to cause a tinkling sound.

Know the basic things about wind chimes-

The overall length of the wind chimes is expressed or measured in inches from ring hook till the sail. Most of the wind chimes are of the same size and manufactured in a similar manner.

It can be knotted loop or ring hook. All chimes make use of strong knotted loop or metal ring. This helps in isolation of suspension cord far away from the hanger.

The cords can be suspension cord, manmade synthetic cords and multi-ply cords for outdoor use

The hanging tubes, as well as finishes, could be made of aluminum, bamboo, steel, wood or glass. Even hard metals like aluminum, steel can be used so as to produce sharp tones. In addition to this, soft metals like copper can make mellow sounds however bamboo produces hollow sounds.

It contains clapper or striker that helps in the production of the sounds

The sail can be used so as to move the striker or clapper that would ultimately strike the tubes

What one should look for during wind chime purchasing?

The number of notes that can be played depends on the number of tubes present on the wind chimes. A number of tubes help in the production of combined sounds thus creating different harmonies. Fewer windchimes ensure production of smaller ranged sounds.

The overall visual appeal can be affected through tube finishes on the chimes. Depth and tone of the sound can be easily determined through the wind chime length. A longer chime is responsible for the production of fuller tones, and lower tones. However, shorter wind chimes help in the production of higher pitched tones.

In contact with tubes wind chime, Clapper is attached. The contact point is carefully calculated so as to provide the best sound.

Different wind chimes design-

Basically, there are three wind chimes designs that are stated very well in the below-mentioned paragraphs-

  • Tubular- the most popular and purchased wind chimes design in the market is tubular wind chimes. They are made available in various sizes and styles so as to suit the location in which it is placed. They got made through vertical hanging tubes and each tube lends its own sound and tone. The tubular windchimes can have a varying length that offers extraordinary visual appeal. The tubular chimes are in typical pewter or aluminum.
  • Bell– bell as the name suggests are made out of several bells hanging around the structure. They are available both in unique contemporary styles and traditional styles with geometrically as well as modernly designed bells. The bells are made of materials like brass.
  1. Door chimes – they do not wind chimes however it can be used greatly to welcome guests when they arrive at your home. You can easily hang that at your door or any outer frame. Sounds of the chimes tell a guest that they have entered in a cheerful place or friendly place.

Door chimes act like an inexpensive and simple security measure. It even alerts when an unknown guest tries to enter into your kingdom.

The wind chimes have many vastu benefits that help in attracting positively by swiftly making the sound of chimes.

Some don’t

  • Never ever hang chimes over the top of your doors as it can hit the person entering the room
  • Don’t hang it on trees
  • Don’t hang it where people sleep or sit at the sound could disturb the people


Before you buy those windchimes always ensure that you consult to experts that would help you to know where these wind chimes should be hung. When it got hung at the specific area, the mapping of the energy is smooth and easy. This could even help in flourishing love, career, and successful achievement of goals. That’s why it is essential to place it in the right place for curing.