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Jennifer Cintron Shares the Love with Romantic Single, “Shine Your Light”

After the recent successful release of her first single Run, Jennifer Cintron celebrates the official release of her second single, “Shine Your Light,” on February 20th, 2019. Cintron says, “‘Shine Your Light’ is about that person in your life that makes you feel unbelievably special, who you would do anything for, even take on the world.”

The Breeders’ Josephine Wiggs announces Harold Budd, Brian Eno-influenced album ‘We Fall’

Alt-rock icon Josephine Wiggs is best known as bassist in The Breeders, rising to superstardom in the ’90s and continuing to draw crowds and critical acclaim in the wake of their 2018 album All Nerve. But over the years, Wiggs has released several of her own albums, all of which delightfully defy genre. Her new solo record, We Fall, is both a departure and a distillation of an enduring personal aesthetic: moody and spare but also melodic, at once contemporary and nostalgic.

XEMTRAILS debuts first single: CLASS WAR DANCE PARTY (with official music video)

Samsaruh is back for 2019 with new single ‘Subvert’, announces debut EP

After a stellar string of debut singles, Samsaruh has released her first single of 2019 – ‘Subvert’; a power packed punch of soul infused rock, with Samsaruh’s killer vocals taking the song to new heights. The new single showcases again the range of Samsaruh’s rock repertoire, produced and co-written by Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy. Announced alongside the new single is the news that Samsaruh will be delivering her debut EP in mid 2019.

Photograph by Michelle Grace Hunder

Featuring Stunning Moves, Mike Dadio’s Fake n’ Dat Video is the Real Deal

From the streets of Ghana to the airwaves of London, Mike Dadio is a producer who is determined to make music his own way. Fake n’ Dat is about, in Mike’s words, “love and lies” – themes as universal as his music. Without a defining genre to box him in him, he lets his synth and drums guide him, letting the individual sounds and rhythms resonate and building tracks around them. This is cloud rap in its most DIY guise – no faking guaranteed.

UK Indie Duo Long For The Coast Release “Clarity”

Long For The Coast’s soon to be released single, ‘Clarity’ is a deeply personal ‘coming of age’ story, acknowledging the care-free fire of youth and our transition into the complexity of adulthood: relationships, bravery and insecurity – “We dare to speak with dignity; our courage and our doubts”.

RYBE “Freedom Rider” New Single & Video!

“Girl” – from Australian singer/songwriter Brendon Moon

Between the floating, androgynous vocals, meandering melodies and varied instrumental arrangements throughout, the album typifies Moon’s unique and captivating musical style.

US Metal Group THE LESS FORTUNATE joins Sliptrick Records

The Less Fortunate is a 6 piece metal/metalcore/nu metal band from Joplin Missouri (SouthWest Missouri) which was formed in 2016 the band and was composed by founding (and still active members), Logan Kelley (Percussion), Bill Cottrill (Bass), Cory Taunton (Vocals), Dalton Golden (Guitar) and Blanca Molinero (Vocals). Starting to play live shows in 2017, the band gained attention for their dual fronted male/female vocalists. This allowed the band to fuse melodic chorus’s with a high energy stage performance to separated them from other bands.

Single “LOVE LETTER” by ELIS NOA 03/22/19

ELIS NOA from Vienna pushes the boundaries of electronic pop and creates a poly-stylistic sound. The musical framework ranges from pop to contemporary R&B, all the way to Future Soul. With their second EP “Love Letters” (Rel: 3th May) ELIS NOA (aka. Elisa Godino, Angel Vassilev and Aaron Hader) tell a story full of devotion, desire, frustration, and ecstasy. This results in a distinct sound which is woven together by Godino’s extraordinary voice — relinquishing pop music from its conventional structures, without losing its accessibility.

Snow Ghosts release haunting video for ‘Rip’

Snow Ghosts’ Oliver Knowles who also directed the haunting video comments, “The visual for ‘Rip’ is an abstract representation of the destruction that precedes the shock of grief; a key theme in A Quiet Ritual.”

Sam Hunter Switches It Up With Feel Good Anthem ‘Catch Ma Drift’

Sydney MC Sam Hunter switches it up with a new vibing feel good single ‘Catch Ma Drift’.

WATCH – Cat Burns Shares Sensational Official Video For ‘Cheater’, Out Today

Rising British singer-songwriter Cat Burns returns today with the release of new single ‘Cheater’, a follow-up to her latest single ‘Just Us’ – out now via RAW Records Label. What at first appears to be a breezy pop track, a look beneath the surface reveals lyrics that hold nothing back – a characteristic of Cat’s transparent and incredibly honest writing style.

Billy Kenny unveils official video for ‘JustCame For The Music’ on Ultra Records

LA-based DJ/producer Billy Kenny has delivered an enchanting official video for his latest production “Just Came For The Music”.

Lee Burridge Announces ‘All Day I Dream’ Summer Residencies

Following All Day I Dream’s winter season of events in Dubai’s SOHO Garden, Lee Burridge announces that ‘All Day I Dream’ will once again take up residencies in the idyllic party hotspots of Ibiza and Mykonos, across the Summer months. This news also follows Lee’s third turn behind the iconic BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix decks.

Social Contract – New Single ‘Common Tongue’

South London band Social Contract’s new single, ‘Common Tongue’ has just been released and it would be great to get some coverage from you. It’s a politically charged alt-rock track reflective of the band’s frustration with Brexit and current British politics.

Archie Faulks shares video for new single ‘Hung Up’

The video premiered with CelebMix who said, “He has become renowned for his ability to plough a unique pop sound into his captivating song-writing and this is no different with ‘Hung Up’ – we absolutely love the track! The music video for the single mirrors the nature of the track, with its infectiously catchy and upbeat and up-tempo beat throughout, in both the track and music video. The video has a relatively chilled, relaxed nature to it, depicting ‘the making of a music video’, with Archie’s personality shining through in the video.”

CelebMix Exclusive Premiere: Archie Faulks’ Music Video For New Single ‘Hung Up’

With Over 7.6 Billion Youtube Views – Otis Mcdonald

Otis is revolutionising the way musicians make their work accessible to the wider world. Making his music available on YouTube’s royalty-free audio library, millions have used his original material in their YouTube videos and for sampling, copyright-free. As word has spread, his statistics speak for themselves:

Otis McDonald songs appear in over 3.5 million YouTube videos with a total of 7.6 billion views
Over 3 million streams on Spotify
Over 3 million downloads from the YouTube Audio Library
Over 3 million streams on Soundcloud, 46,000 YouTube subscribers and counting

JS Williams – ‘Only Oceans’

“I wrote “Only Oceans” in France during a break from touring. It had been a long stretch of unhealthy living and after spending four days off with my new love, it became clear that the choices I had been making weren’t the healthiest ones. I knew I had to make a choice.”

Lenny Bull – New Song: “Don’t Talk About It”

“Don’t Talk About It” is a tongue-in-cheek message to anyone out there who’s spreading rumours or talking trash.