Music video by Gabriel and the Apocalypse performing ‘Systematic Chaos’

Hailing from the colorful and music inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gabriel and the Apocalypse bring you their latest music video, “Systematic Chaos.” The single comes from the upcoming album, Alpha Bionic, which is due for a worldwide release on April 12, 2019, via Pavement Entertainment.

“Systematic Chaos is seeing the future of the world and, through that, losing faith in humanity,” says frontwoman Lindy Gabriel. The cool, white environment surrounding Gabriel and the Apocalypse in the video emphasizes her vision of what may become the new reality in the next 30-50 years.

Both “Systematic Chaos,” as well as Alpha Bionic, set a new standard for the band. In comparison to the previous album, The Ghost Parade, Lindy observes, “Alpha Bionic is a confident and consistent album comprising of a more upbeat synth infused collection of songs.”

“Systematic Chaos” is available to stream and download now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Catch Gabriel and the Apocalypse live on their tour across the US!