5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Football Obsession

Football is insanely popular in America for a few reasons. People love how sports bring them together. And the rivalry that football brings, as well as the strategy of the game, makes it even more appealing. This might be due to our natural inclination for tribalism, or maybe football is just a great time. If you’re obsessed with football, here are some unique ways to nurture and continue your favorite hobby!

Get involved in fantasy football

Fantasy football is the perfect storm for football fans out there. You can get involved with building a bracket and socializing with others about teams and players. The bracket building inspires healthy competition that makes the games all the more thrilling.

If you need help getting started, or if the process of analyzing all the players seems daunting, you can set yourself up with a draft kit. Building a draft is a great excuse to host football-themed parties and connect with friends over the sport (and snacks). You’ll be at the edge of your seat and the peak of your socializing during fantasy football, that much is for sure.

Coach a children’s team

If you are a teacher or have kids, volunteering to coach a children’s team has the potential to be the most lively time of your life. Teaching kids learn to play football will be fun for you, and you’ll get to help children learn about the sport. You can apply what you know about techniques and positive sportsmanship through being a coach.

Become a part-time sports reporter

Many sport fans never think of sports reporting as a possible career path. They figure that if they can’t be a pro football player, then their odds at getting a job in sports are limited — but this doesn’t have to be true! There are reporters out there talking with athletes and discussing it every day.

Take a look at your career trajectory and ask yourself if you can switch it to something football related. There are reporters at almost every single local and national paper who cover football. A position like this gives you the chance to use your football knowledge every single day while also getting paid for it.

It’s true that sports journalism can be competitive. On the plus side, there are so many publications and teams that there is always a need for radio reporters, broadcast reporters, and writers who can talk about football at a high level. If you see yourself in this position, start building up your resume and look into local or online partner.

Start a football podcast or blog

Talking about football on a blog or podcast is like being a sports reporter without the pressure. You can start this as a hobby and see where it goes. Who knows? You might love it and your work might get popular among a football-loving demographic. Think about the football media you follow and ask yourself: what is keeping you from doing the same thing?

Join a recreational flag football team

Every town has gyms or recreational centers with sport teams. Join a flag football team to make some friends who are interested in the same things you are. Playing football is also a great way to stay active, and joining a low-pressure team full of other football fans will get you even more involved in the sport.

Football is an American favorite in the entertainment world. If you love football, then you should get out of your comfort zone and take your football obsession to the next level.