Troy Petty Releases “Director’s Cut”

In the distance, there’s something calling…There’s something ringing…It might just be the sound of bells chiming or the chirping of birds gathering off in the distance. All in all, SOMETHING is happening and whether it is in the distance or right upon your face, you always seem to know its presence. Sometimes life takes us to places where we didn’t think we would ever end up. Sometimes even when we think we are wide awake, we may just be asleep because of certain situations that occur. And you know what? Troy Petty demonstrates this very thought in his new, sentimental single, “Director’s Cut.”

Troy Petty—-ah., yes! No stranger to Skope Magazine and no stranger to my ears—Thankfully Troy is a favorite! Earlier, we brought “I am the Dark” but now, we have a very solemn and painful collection of notes, chords, words, melody, and an even more respectful passion that surfaces from the Columbus, Ohio transplant! The first listen to “Director’s Cut” left the impression of earlier John Lennon and Van Morrison. There is a moving spirit that comes to life in this latest plea from Troy Petty and with as deep as the message is: There’s still more! A painful song that showcases a person that is deeply sleeping while trying to cope and live! There’s more to life than a fast pace, however, Troy Petty has slowed us down with rhythmic guitar strums, a rising orchestra, and a bellowing voice…BEAUTIFUL!

The excitement of Christmas doesn’t top beautifully written songs and Troy Petty is just one of those artists that bring destruction IN A GOOD WAY! Amazingly, this guy is going to be hammering the Summer away with a European tour that is jam-packed! “Director’s Cut” is a soothing song and even as painful as its performance, your ears will thank me later for suggesting listening and furthering catching a live, worthy show! When an artist can place music out that captivates an audience of broad listeners, there is magic somewhere down inside the soul. Give him a listen!

K. Tibbs