The Gillum Bros New Single ‘Elixir of Lyfe’ from the album “Mooshie Music”

The Gillum Bros are actually brothers, unlike, say, the fictitious sibling Ramones. They call Arcadia, California home, although they were born in Detroit, Michigan. An elixir is either a magical or medicinal potion, depending upon how you choose to use the term. In this case, it’s utilized – one surmises – to describe a romantic partner.

It’s also a short tune, which begins with a jazzy/classical electric piano intro. Its lyric starts with a great string of words. “I step into a conga line/With nothing on my mind except for you.” The conga line imagery fits perfectly because the track is built upon a pop-y, tropical groove. It’s a fulfilling partner that drives these words and beats. “You fill my cup/You fill me up/You fill me up,” they sing, joyfully.

This other one’s got it all, but he wants this object of his affection to also join his world. “Take a sip to my point of view,” he invites. In some respects, this song is a throwback to 70s yacht rock. It’s light and easygoing, kind of like Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).” The singer is obviously making a play for a good-looking person within direct view. It’s probably not politically correct, now that we’re in the #metoo era, to talk about pickup lines. However, this song sure does sound like a romantic invitation, put to a beat. Whoever is being sung about in this song sure sounds to be good for whatever ails him. Calling that person “the elixir of life” might be pushing the description a little far, but then again, love songs have always described romantic encounters as life and death affairs. It wouldn’t be a true love song if that certain someone didn’t have the power to save your life.

“Elixir of Life” will not relieve your pain, put a spring in your step or grow hair on your head. It’s just a pop song, after all. It will, however, bring a smile to your face, if you let it. The Gillum Bros have a knack for crafting enjoyable tunes, and “Elixir of Life” is, at just over three minutes long, a sweet delight. Drink it up!

-Dan MacIntosh