NYC’s Thinkbendy Releases Debut Album “CHANGE”

Thinkbendy embraces a vibrant colorful sound with the highly emotive “Change”. Best taken in as a whole Think Bendy embarks on an entire journey, featuring thoughtful lyricism and highly creative arrangements. Stylistically Thinkbendy brings together indie rock, a big band jazz sound, funk, all nicely framed by a slight nod towards the theatrical. Quite a joyful celebration the songs deserve to be played at the highest possible volumes. Felt as well as heard works wonders for the tracks as they unfurl to reveal a vivid amount of colors. Evolution and buildups happen with such perfection. At times Thinkbendy’s work, its surrealistic bent, feels reminiscent of Mr. Bungle’s peculiar style.

“Free” opens the album up with a slight hint of funk courtesy of that limber bass. Going for a cinematic sweep the gorgeous “Change” has a mid-70s twinge to it, full of yellow hued nostalgia within the carefully crafted arrangement. By far the highlight of the album the piece possesses such heart. A driving rhythm rests at the very center of the playful “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. Swinging grooves float on by on the psychedelic vibe of “Can I Ask You A Question”. With a bit of a honky-tonk spirit is the nimble piano work of “Spark”. Slowing things down considerably the luxurious “Of One Mind” benefits from a string section reminiscent of the High Llamas. Effortlessly bringing it all together is the expressive “Epiphany”.

Fully embracing an energetic passionate approach, Thinkbendy opts for something downright beautiful with “Change”.