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Jillee Parker X Draydel – Likka [Hip-Hop/Pop]

The song acts as a warning, as she tells of how she went “down by the Likka” by falling for a “bad man” and only realizing the extent of his evil ways upon seeing him trick others as he did her.

Following Sony Japan Stint, Rie Fu Releases Moving New Video For ‘Mirror’

Having lived in Japan and had a long stint signed to Sony, Rie Fu (pronounced Ree-ay Foo) is now returning with a new found sense of musical freedom.

70-year old Larry “Ratso” Sloman shares new single ‘I Want Everything’

NYC author/writer/actor Larry “Ratso” Sloman has collaborated with some of the most dynamic figures in pop culture from Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, John Cale and Leonard Cohen. Ratso also wrote the best-selling memoirs for Howard Stern, Anthony Kiedis and more. Now at 70, Ratso is set to release his debut LP ‘Stubborn Heart’ out 5th April on Lucky Number.

Carnage Announces ‘The Reincarnation Tour’

After announcing his hiatus from the music world last November, international DJ and producer Carnage is back! The Heavyweight Records founder (real name Diamanté Anthony Blackmon) will embark on a run of global dates aptly titled ‘The Reincarnation Tour’.

Mental Health & Raising Awareness Of High Rates Of Suicide In Men Under 50

The Pocket Gods’ frontman made an attempt to take his own life on January 4th this year after taking an overdose. He survived and has recorded this album to try and make sense of the years and years of childhood abuse he suffered at the hands of his showbiz parents.
Because of his childhood he has suffered severe PTSD and was diagnosed with Borderline Personailty Disorder (BPD) which inspired the album’s title…as Lee states – borderline between what and what? Famous label mates with BPD include Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse & Kurt Cobain all of whom took their own lives.

The songs chronicle his abusive childhood with “32 Highview Road” being the perfect suburban home on the outside but the “evil is deep inside” and “The Screams” recalls a childhood waiting to be rescued by his kind grandparents in their “blue car with smiley faces”.

Other songs take on the anger towards his parents – who in fact abandoned him as a child for 12 months whilst touring with Frank Sinatra – “die fucker die” & “Longwood Nightmare”.

Belle & Sebastian meet Vulfpeck: Introducing the Pop Wizardry of Adrian Cohen

“Genius” may be one of the most over-used terms, with regards to musicians, but once in a blue moon, it’s appropriate – as is the case with Adrian Cohen. Able to play any requested song by ear on the piano, he creates pop songs so perfectly honed that you begin to wonder why mega-selling artists make such a fuss about it. With the all-American goofiness of They Might Be Giants and the fractured magic of Daniel Johnston, Adrian Cohen might secretly be one of music’s greatest gifts.

LAPP stuns with gritty vocals and raw atmosphere in stripped video of ‘Sunny’

After gaining some serious acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Tom Robinson and Louder Than War, LAPP makes a stellar move towards his ‘Farfalla EP’. On new track ‘Sunny’, his emotive vocals soulfully meander as he cries out questions of life and love.

CULTIC: York, PA based death/doom trio streaming 2nd single ‘Dark Rider’

Doom death dealer CULTIC is just a month away from unchaining the debut sorcery, High Command, due for release on April 05th via ELEVENTH KEY. Conjured in 2016 by husband and wife – Brian and Rebecca Magar (both also play in the dark ambient/tribal band The Owls A.N.W.T.S), Cultic took its shape as a trio after the addition of the bassist Reese Harlacker.

Premiere: Spang Sisters – BOYS

Rumour has it that Spang Sisters begun life some 250 million years ago as a shapeless gaseous entity, consisting for the most part of vapour mass. Over time, it expanded into a fabulous five-piece band, creating buttery cloud pop delights that sparkle with the lustre of a thousand shiny medallions. They’re now known for a sordid, raucous, sweaty live show; swapping instruments and exercising homoeroticism on stage. It often culminates in a half-naked drummer springing forth and taking the lead in a sermonic trance.


A bunch of nothing eventually turned into “A Little Something”, which is the title of Hail Taxi’s latest upcoming release. The EP contains five distinct tracks including the video singles “Magic Spark” and “Wild Rose Country”. It is acoustic-folk-rock at its finest and the second EP release conceived by the singer/songwriter, Nathaniel Sutton.

Sammi Rae Murciano Drops New Video for Latest Single “Dream Bigger”

The video follows a story of empowerment and knowing your worth in a relationship, which Murciano recently elaborated on saying “I have been broken and I have had my heart ripped into pieces. The hardest battle is what you know in your head and what you feel in your heart. Never settle for anything less than you deserve and choose what will make you happy. Never ignore a person who truly cares about you and always show how you feel before it’s too late. When you really matter to someone you’ll never have to wonder where their heart is because they will always be by your side. Life is short.. so know who you are, know your self worth and always choose to Dream Bigger.”

NY Alternative Rock Band Brookline Release New Music Video For Single “Sinking”

“Sinking” is the 2nd single off of Brookline’s Fade EP and tells the story of a relationship torn apart by addiction. The chorus hook “like a ship at sea you’re sinking, and I can’t be your lighthouse beacon” embodies the theme of the song; that although this person clearly needs help, their partner can no longer handle being subjected to their self destructive behavior and has to leave for their own good.

Glen Hansard Shares New Song “Fool’s Game”

“Fool’s Game” is featured on Hansard’s upcoming fourth solo album This Wild Willing, set to be released April 12 via ANTI- Records. This Wild Willing marks an inflection point in his career, a turning where he marries the sonic inventiveness of the best of his work in his former band The Frames to the discipline he has found as a lyricist in his solo career.

Hey Rosetta!’s Tim Baker Releases Official Video For “Dance”, Solo Debut out April 19th

Today, the beautiful official video for “Dance” is revealed, directed by Tim’s long-time friend and fellow Newfoundlander Jordan Canning (Schitt’s Creek, Baroness Von Sketch, Suck it Up), speaking to how increasingly disconnected we are from nature and the people in our lives, even when they are right in front of us. Shot in the Natural History Museum in Ottawa, nature is frozen in time, enclosed behind protective glass and two solitary characters exist in their work and in isolation from each other, until a beautiful moment. “For me this has always been a song sung from someone held apart – convalescing maybe,” notes Tim “from someone dreaming of being alive and close to love and something important.” Tim and Jordan were awarded the first ever MVP grant for the production of the video.

Defeater Announce Self-Titled Album

Today, Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater announce their new self-titled album. Defeater will be released May 10 on Epitaph. This is Defeater’s fifth full-length release and their first in 4 years. The first new single, “Mothers’ Sons” features blistering guitars that take the song into something chaotic and beautiful.

Porteau – Your First Listen: “Penelope”

Water’s Gate tells the story of one’s path to liberation. The album is bookended by mysticism; starting with the first track “Re:Birth” which alludes to a character being born and rising out of the water. The final track, “Moon Maidens” sees this character liberated and ascending into the night sky. Everything in between discusses the challenges and complex relationships we face.

STONED JESUS Release New Music Video For “Apathy”!

Today STONED JESUS returns with a powerful swing from their latest album: “Pilgrims,” by releasing a brand new music video for the track “Apathy”.

Single: Tasha The Amazon – “Can’t Remember”

Rising to prominence in her hometown of Toronto with her powerful warehouse rap sound, Tasha The Amazon is one of her city’s most complete artists. Coming through with a troubled and melodic new banger, Tasha shares “Can’t Remember,” her first new single since early 2018. On “Can’t Remember,” Tasha dives deep into her psyche, dealing with the whiplash of her rapid rise from her rough upbringing: “Looking at my life like a montage/I used to keep a knife where the socks are/Now I whip the Wraith like a Honda/Now I fill the safe like a Don does.” Sympathizing with Kurt Cobain and others who collapsed under the weight of fame, Tasha looks to reconcile her past and current selves and make sense of her new life. Produced by Tasha with her production partner Danthrax, the HipHopDX-premiered “Can’t Remember” is the first salvo from Tasha’s upcoming project, arriving this summer.

Andrew Bird debuts new song “Manifest,” My Finest Work Yet out March 22

Of the song Bird says, “‘Manifest’ traces our evolution from single celled organisms to modern man—then takes it further, post-mortem, to when a plant or animal becomes a fossil fuel fracked from the ground and released into the atmosphere from combustion engines like ghosts. The after-life of energy.”

ED Robinson Drop His Latest Acoustic Single – ”Suddenly”

Straight From The Heart Of JTMC Muzik Label Is Another Display of Musical Prolificacy and Creativity With An Acoustic Single “Suddenly” From The Veteran Reggae Icon And Music Producer – Ed Robinson.

SAUL Releases New Single “Brother”

Iowa based hard rock band SAUL released their new single “Brother” off of their latest EP titled AEONS to radio and it is now the #1 most spun song on SiriusXM Octane. The single is an emotional roller coaster about death and the struggles of dealing with loss. “Brother” is the embodiment of the band and its message. It is how music should be. It’s real, raw, aggressive and satiated with intent. AEONS was produced and mixed by Chris Dawson (Seasons After). The band is currently on tour in support of the EP.

5th Annual ‘Ride for Ronnie’ Motorcycle Ride & Concert Set for May 5 Benefitting Dio Cancer Fund

The 5th Annual RIDE FOR RONNIE Motorcycle Ride and Concert will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2019, benefiting the.Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Comprised of a Motorcycle Ride originating at Harley-Davidson of Glendale and culminating with a concert at Los Encinos Park in Encino, the RIDE FOR RONNIE will raise awareness and funds for cancer prevention and research for a cure. The concert will once again be hosted by radio and television personality Eddie Trunk who is also curating Eddie Trunk’s All Star Band–a group of stellar rock musicians selected to headline the afternoon of live music. Last year’s Ride brought in over $50,000 for the Dio Cancer Fund (www.diocancerfund.org).