Top 5 Music Venues to Take a Date to See a Show

There are a lot of different music venues around the United States, and some are remarkably better than others. After all, some of them are areas that were specifically built for sound and others take place on ground that is considered hallowed in the music world. Taking a date to any of these places is a great idea for music lovers and that is why we’re counting down the top five music venues to take a date to see a show.

Red Rocks
There is nothing more intense than being out in the middle of nature and singing your lungs out, and that’s just what people can experience at Red Rocks. Located near Denver, this site is situated between two vast boulders that are made from sandstone. Not only is this place beautiful, but it has a certain amazing sound quality that keeps major musicians coming back for more.

Ottobar in Baltimore
Are you looking for an intimate venue? Then you have to check out Ottobar. This small venue feels like the bar basements that gave rise to many rock bands in the 80s and 90s. There is never the same crowd twice in this place because of all the different musicians that come and play there, so be prepared to catch a wide variety of show types. It might feel like a fire hazard, but that’s only half the fun. Plus, it gives you and your date a reason to be in close quarters.

Madison Square Garden
While everyone has head of Madison Square Garden, not many people appreciate the incredible venue for what it is. The sound quality is high, it’s located in New York City, and it seats a lot of people that come to the city for shows. Unlike some venues that are too small to accommodate the masses that come out for famous names, this venue was built for those crowds. You’ll have a great time and be in a position to see the sites with your date if you come here.

Hollywood Bowl
Another venue with an inside-outside amphitheater setup that is great for sound quality is the Hollywood Bowl. Literally carved into the hillside of Hollywood Hills, this venue is well-known for seating large crowds and for providing a variety of different types of music. Since it is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Group, it’s likely you’ll see everything from major concerts to orchestras.

Radio City Music Hall
Say what you want about including the same city twice on this list, but Radio City Music Hall is a moderately-sized venue with a storied history. It was built to be used for shows and has been the site of famous acts like the Rockettes. Famous musicians from all over the world have come to use this venue and you will certainly be able to catch hot names coming through. Aside from the incredible music, you will also be able to use this place to explore beautiful architecture and art from years past.

Many of the best music venues that are around in the present day have been built for larger audiences, but there are a few smaller venues that are just as fun. While you might not be able to shirk work and take a day trip out to the Red Rocks, you can still have fun on this site. For people still looking to find a date, you can always go to as a way of finding people in your local area for dates, hookups, and just people to have a night at a music show.