The Story Behind Instagram’s Story Views Order, a company offering dreamcatchers for sale is a good example of how a social media campaign should be executed.

Is there a better way of stalking more than the use of Instagram stories?, I doubt so. Since the introduction of Instagram stories in 2016, the number of users of the feature has been more than the Snap chat audience who was the father of this feature. About 300 million users use this feature on daily basis. Apart from sharing moments and snippets of our day to day life, there is one thing still a dilemma to most of the Instagram users. Most of the Instagram users have no clue on the method used by Instagram developers on the order of who viewed your Instagram stories the Instagram views.

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In the past Instagram developers insisted on showing the Instagram users more of the Instagram stories they wanted to see, but with the new algorithm, you are most likely to see to Instagram stories of people you interact with more frequently over people you rarely interact with. This is based on the data collected from Instagram and Facebook accounts. Therefore the most common Instagram views you get are from the people you are constantly engaging with.

How the order of Instagram story views measured

The order in which the Instagram stories are arranged uses the algorithm of the actual stories. Therefore the order of the Instagram stories depends on a number of things:

• The likelihood you will be interested in the content.
• The timeline of the post
• The relationship with the person posting the post.

The system is set in a way that it checks the three factors before arranging the stories on your Instagram account. The order does not apply to the people who have viewed the post.

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This is how Instagram determines the order of Instagram views

A lot of research has been conducted by many people with the aim of solving this puzzle; some of the outcomes have been helpful while others were not. One of the researches was conducted using Reddit, where a number of users experimented on a story to see who would come up on top after viewing the story. After gathering the results and analyzing the results. The group of researchers came up with these suggestions

The list of Instagram story viewers is arranged in chronological order depending on who viewed the status first for the first 50 views. The recent story viewer becomes on top of the list as the first viewer becomes the last story viewer.

After 50 Instagram views, Instagram prioritize the Instagram users who you have interacted with more on top of the Instagram viewers list.

One question many of you may be asking is, does it really matter? In the error we are living in likes, comments and Instagram views really matter. After posting a story everybody is checking over and over again to see who has viewed and curse those who have not checked your story. For small and big businesses the order of the Instagram views really matter as it helps them build a relationship with those people. Especially when using poll stickers on your post, you can easily understand the feedback of the people on certain products and the services offered by the company.

Similar to likes and comments, Instagram views cannot be ignored. Some feel the need to have more Instagram views to feel a sense of achievement.