K Joel Spice “Suicidal Thoughts? Don’t Do It” New Video

Imagine feeling blue, down, in need of help, you go get the help and then the help tells you that there is no need to speak with anyone else in your circle; they tell you that your word, your version, is good enough. HUH? Sometimes those in your circle may have more details to fill in the blanks. Please know that your story is going to be your story, which is why you are there for help, but the question is, “how accurate is your story”?

Maybe speaking with a spiritual non-denominational Chaplain, Non-denominational because if you belong to and have been faithfully attending religious services, you have been guided by this faith and you may need a different angle to help you find your way back to a happier life. Grab a composition book with a pen, or a keyboard to type out your thoughts or a recorder to speak out your thoughts, and this can actually be on your cell phone device. Whichever method or methods you choose, listen or read what has come out of you.


It’s very important to hear your story through your ears, so read it out loud, or have it read to you, it will resonate differently in your mind coming from the outside. When you are regularly thinking of something, over and over again in your mind, with the same abilities that you have, you will get a lot of the same results. When you write it out and read it or record it and listen back, those same thoughts will enter a different area of your brain; it then processes in that area, giving you a different perspective, in a different way. Try it.