What Should I Prepare First When Moving Into A New House

The moment you know you’re moving home, you should start planning and preparing for all the things that need to be accomplished right away. Even if you can’t wait to start a new stage in life, the idea of moving can stress you out. That said, there are a few things to prepare for your new home and doing all of them can keep you sane throughout the transition.

Read on to learn about what you should organize first when moving into a new house.

  1. Moving checklist.

More than anything else, you should come up with a moving checklist first before planning out the next steps to do. With so many moving-related assignments to complete, you don’t want to find yourself missing out anything important. Plus, your list of to-dos can provide you with a timeline of all the tasks, making sure you’ll do all of them on time and as expected. So, better prepare your checklist beforehand to stay organized from start to finish.

  1. Getting rid of unnecessary belongings.

Right from the moment you go through all your stuff, you’ve realized that you have lots of possessions to pare down when moving to your new house. Besides, you don’t want to move several boxes as it can be a costly expense on your end. Instead of boxing up unnecessary items, check them out and toss those that may take too much space in your new home. It’s one of the tasks you need to prepare ahead of time to ensure efficient packing process moving forward.

  1. Moving supplies

You can’t pack without quality moving boxes and other supplies. That’s why it’s wise to get and prepare all the necessary supplies first when relocating to a new home. You can have these materials for free or at a lower cost by dropping by to a nearby grocery store and ask for some extra boxes. If you also want to keep money in your wallet, you can use your extra sheets or blankets to wrap up your valuable possessions. And last but not the least, buy quality packaging tapes as well as colored pens or markers for your labeling system.

  1. Home inspection

Another vital moving preparation to consider is your new home’s inspection. Of course, you want your new space to be ready when you move in, which is why having it inspected can be a good idea. Jot down all the things that need to be checked including repairs and maintenance. Make sure you’re there when the inspection is going on. If there’s anything that requires fixing, address the problem right away to ensure everything – from electrical to plumbing system – is in order before you move in.

  1. Household works

Moving home can be quite overwhelming, that’s why it’s a perfect idea to get ready with all the household works before the moving day. Not only that but things like cleaning, painting, extermination, and installation are best done without the furniture pieces and other stuff around. For instance, prepare yourself to steam clean the carpet, paint the walls and other surfaces, wipe out cabinets and closets, do pest control, and install power strips or electrical outlets before the big day. Organizing these household works in advance can make the transition much smoother and faster.

  1. Home furnishings

Moving to a new house is wanting to a refreshing and comfortable place to live in. For that reason, it’s essential to prepare and furnish your new dwelling place with items that bring warmth and comfort. If you decide to bring your existing piece of furniture, make sure it fits well in your space by determining the measurements. For safety purposes, get assisted by professionals like Movers NYC when hauling your furniture and other essential items into your new house. However, if you want to buy, pick up a high-quality furniture set which is specifically designed for your area. So, get ready with your home furnishings to ensure you’ll feel relaxed after relocating.

  1. First-day box

Packing the first-day box can make your first day and night in your new home much comfortable. Before the actual move-in date, get some of your clothes, essential documents, medical kit, toiletries, chargers, dinnerware, flashlight, and trash bags ready. These items will compose your first-day box which can help you survive during the first few days in your new place.

  1. Change of address and contact info

You shouldn’t forget to change your address and notify important companies and organization about your relocation. If you want to save yourself from potential problems after moving, it’s best to have your address changed beforehand. Also, make sure you update your contact info provided in your bank accounts, subscriptions, and other business establishments. By doing this, you can be sure that all your correspondence will be forwarded to your new address.


Before you can think of anything else when moving, keep these things in mind to have a better idea of what you should prepare first to make the process hassle-free. After all, your goal is to organize your tasks properly and set yourself up for a successful move at the end of the day. And to complete your final step for relocation, reach out to moving companies NYC and hire the right one that meets your requirements.